Blanket Purchase Agreement Query In Oracle Apps

Hello Vidyut, I agree that the purchase does not automatically calculate the agreed amount from the agreed quantity. But my question is that the system does not respect the minimum deductible and the agreed quantity that we put in the lines of the agreement. I told you to do it. If we had indicated the agreed quantity as 100 qty and if we create a share, we can create for a quantity greater than 100. So my question is, what is the use of the indication of qtyagreed online, if the system allows you to overwrite the same thing. Hi, Bala. Hello Bala, Please note, when entering details in the Agreement section in the Agreement section of the Orders window (if you have selected a type of framework purchase contract) the minimum authorization amount for this sales contract line Enter the agreed quantity. The purchase does not automatically calculate the agreed quantity from the agreed amount. Minimum sharing: 100.00 Agreed quantity: 100 Agreed quantity: 10,000.00 1. When I created a version, it allowed me to create with the abatement of 20.00 2. When I created another publication for a quantity of 500, it allowed me to continue. The system did not stop me or send me a message as if you were oversized. How is it that these two cases occur 1 and 2? This goes against the agreement controls on the Blanket-PO line.

For your information, at the head level, the minimum amount of sharing holds well and works well. Only on the PO line does the system not accept the chord values. Any indications in this regard would be of great help. Hi, Bala. Nice BlogInstall Oracle Appsr12 Dump For Better Hello Bala, Yes, that`s right. Try to violate the amount limits and make sure you receive an error message. The system first prioritizes the amount and then the quantity. Grüße,Vidyutkumar Desai There is an error for this problem. Please see the metalink Forexact Bug Number. As far as I can remember, this patch is included in Procurement Pack 3 for 11.5.10 Hi, it`s useful scripts. I hope this can also be useful here: In fact, BPA is an agreement that you can buy a lot from the supplier, but inside the amount box Agreed.In conditions, you can indicate the minimum amount to limit the release that should not take place below this amount.

An error message is displayed when you unlock an amount higher than the agreed amount as well as a Minimun share. Thank you Nusha.C is true if you violate the amount mentioned in the “Conditions” field or if you deviate from it. The system will send you the message immediately. I agree. But I don`t specify any minimum release value in the “Conditions” field. I give the details about the minimum glow, the agreed quantity, etc. in the “Agreements” tab at the “Blanket PO Lines” level. Greetings, Bala….

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