Adobe User Agreement

7.6 Content Protection Technology. If you use Adobe Runtimes to access content protected by Adobe Flash Media Rights Management Server or with Flash Access software (“Content Protection”), the software may automatically request media usage rights and individualize it from a server on the Internet and download and install the necessary components of the software, including all available content protection updates, to enable you to play the protected content. You can delete content license information with the Flash Player Settings Manager. For more information about using the Settings Manager, see For more information about content protection, see 16.14 STROKE DISTRIBUTION. The following applies to software that contains AVC import and export functions: THIS PRODUCT IS USED UNDER THE AVC PATENT PORTFOLIO LICENSE FOR PERSONNEL, NON-COMMERCIAL USE OF A LICENSED CONSUMER (a) TO ENCODE AND/OR DECODE AVC VIDEO IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE AVC STANDARD (“AVC VIDEO”) ENCODED BY A CONSUMER WHO CARRIES ON A PERSONAL NON-COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY AND/OR HAS BEEN RECEIVED BY A LICENSED VIDEO PROVIDER FOR THE PROVISION OF AVC VIDEO. NO LICENSE IS GRANTED OR IMPLIED FOR ANY OTHER USE. FOR MORE INFORMATION, CLICK MPEG LA, L.L.C. SEE For clarification and without restriction, the foregoing does not allow the Customer to install or access the Software (directly or through commands, data or instructions): (a) from or to a computer that is not part of the Customer`s internal network; (b) to enable web-hosted working groups or publicly available hosted web services; (c) any person or entity to use, download, copy or otherwise benefit from the functionality of the Software, unless licensed by Adobe; (d) as part of a system, workflow or service that can access more than an authorized number of users; or(s) for operations that have not been initiated by a single user (e.g.B. automated server processing).

7.1 Use of PDF Files. If you use the software to open a PDF file that has been enabled to display ads, your device can connect to a site managed by Adobe, an advertiser, or another third party….

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