800m Time Trial: 23 March 2016

Well done to all the junior members who took part in Wednesday evening’s 800m time trial.

Conditions for the event were perfect, and is reflected with lots of PB’s :thumbsup:

Name04 November 201527 January 201623 March 2016
Alex Pollington00:03:4600:04:19
Amber Matthews00:03:0100:02:59 PB :yahoo:
Amelia Short00:02:5600:02:5200:02:45 PB :yahoo:
Anna Blenkinsop00:03:1100:03:1500:03:07 PB :yahoo:
Anna Dorman00:03:0200:03:0600:02:50 PB :yahoo:
Casey Dixon00:03:32
Elliot Short00:04:1100:03:43 PB :yahoo:
Ethan Rudolph00:04:15
Eve Tovey00:03:1300:03:1500:03:01 PB :yahoo:
Finlay Dorman00:02:4200:02:4500:02:37 PB :yahoo:
Hannah Cherif00:03:2700:03:5800:03:37
Hannah Cowan00:03:10
Hannah Meares00:02:51
Hope Moir00:03:1700:03:3400:03:15 PB :yahoo:
Imogen Bungey00:03:04
Jack Cowan00:03:40
Jack Hart00:03:54
Jake Moir00:03:0500:03:2500:03:16
James Snowdon00:05:10
James Walker00:03:2600:03:2900:03:31
Jane Harland00:03:00
Jessica Walton00:03:1600:03:3000:03:16
Joe Eggett00:03:1300:03:20
Katherine Bird00:03:3700:03:5100:03:37
Kirsten Dotchin00:03:4100:04:0400:03:35 PB :yahoo:
Lauren Bellamy00:03:06
Lauren Bird00:03:1800:03:1400:03:02 PB :yahoo:
Lilly Hall00:03:0300:03:1400:03:04
Michael Harland00:04:1000:02:52 PB :yahoo:
Millie Rowe00:03:37
Natasha Walker00:03:1500:03:2700:03:17
Poppy Colver00:05:5500:04:47 PB :yahoo:
Rachel Conway00:03:35
Ruby Colver00:03:52
Scott Calland00:03:15
Seth Cherif00:03:30
Shay Redall00:04:38
Sophie Adams00:04:5500:04:45 PB :yahoo:
Sophie Hawkins00:03:31
Sydney Bungey00:03:52
William Adams00:03:2000:03:2600:03:28
Zachary Philip00:02:55


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