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24 Hour Charity Challenge

On the 22nd of December, Jake, Zak and David completed a challenge. Our challenge was to run 24 miles in 24 hours. None of us had ever ran this far before but it was for charity, so it was worth it. It was an early rise and were ready to race at 8. It was …

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Charity Fund Raising

Hello all,  Hope you are all doing well during these wintery months. Although a very festive break for many, this time is especially difficult for some people, which is why we have decided to partake in a charity run for the homeless with aims to raise as much money as possible. On Wednesday the 23rd …

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NEXC Champs –11 Dec 2021 – Sedgefield

Quite a contrast to the conditions experienced last time this championship was held at Sedgefield (very heavy blizards) with temperatures being fairly mild, and not a lot of mud around for the junior races. Opinions differed greatly on how hilly the course was, but I rated it as fairly flat (sorry Kora, it was flat!). …

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NEHL 4 –27-11-2021 – Aykley Heads

It was touch and go whether Storm Arwen would allow this fixture to take place, but the overnight winds (that took my fence down) subsided a little, and after an 8:00am course inspection, it was decided that it should go ahead. Our first struggle was putting the tent up, which had twisted around in the …

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Strength and Conditioning at All-Round Athletic Development

The TBH junior racing group have been going to strength and conditioning classes run by Emma Pringle at All-Round Athletic Development at Pegswood near Morpeth since the end of July this year. We block book a session on Saturday afternoon at 1:30pm and it lasts as long as it takes us to complete the fiendish …

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NEHL 3 – 30-10-2021 – Lambton

Turning up just after 11:00am it was a real struggle to convince ourselves that getting out of the car was a good idea, as the rain was so heavy. A very quick assembly of the tent took place and I was then off to registration to pick numbers up for some of our new runners. …

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NEHL 2 – 10-10-2021 – Druridge Bay

Unseasonably good weather meant that Druridge Bay was resplendent in the sun – not ideal for the runners but perfect for the spectators. We had a fantastic turnout of juniors and it was great to see quite a few new faces taking part. First up we had the U11 boys with Jack Whitelaw coming 10th …

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NEHL 1 – 25-9-2021 – Wrekenton

What turned out to be an unseasonably hot day following an extended period of dry weather meant conditions were far from what you would expect (and some would enjoy) for cross country. Most runners opted for trainers or trail shoes to deal with the hard and dry conditions underfoot, and many of the juniors (who …

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Northern Athletics Young Athletes Road Relays 18-9-01

The Northern Athletics Road Relays are one of the most prestigious club races in the calendar in the north of England. Clubs from as far away as Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester bring their best athletes to compete. Tyne Bridge had probably its best representation with teams competing in U13 boys, U13 girls, U15 boys, U15 …

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NEYDL Div 2 N – Whitley Bay 17-7-2021

This was the third and final fixture in the NEYDL for 2021 and all was to play for with Blaydon and the combined TBH/Birtley team being a mere point apart, so either one of us could have come out victorious. Despite very hot conditions, various club records were claimed, and PBs were set on the …

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NEYDL Div 2 N – Whitley Bay 20-6-21

This was our second fixture in the NEYDL, and it was our turn to host it in conjunction with our team-mates from Birtley. Thanks again to Gary Curtis for keeping us right, and Ed Lown for team managing the Birtley side of things. One of the first jobs of the day was to find an …

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NEYDL Div 2 N – Whitley Bay 16-5-21

This was our first ever NEYDL fixture and a big thanks to Emily Laws, Gary Curtis, and the whole Birtley team for making this a smooth introduction to the League for us all. A massive congratulations to the Birtley /TBH team, because after a hard day of athletics, we ended up winning the fixture!! Our …

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Morpeth Open Track Meet – King Edward VI School 18-4-21

A great first track fixture of the year, which was held under Covid restrictions, so athletes were only able to turn up, run, then leave, but that didn’t stop each athlete claiming or beating a club record. Hope Moir, Freddie Palmer and Jake Moir all ran in the 800m races before lunchtime, with some considerable …

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