2018 Birtley Relays

Birtley Relays

Sunday, 11th March 2018


Dave Moir reports from Sunday’s event.

Well despite it being Mothers-day, some carefully crafted words of appreciation, cards and presents, resulted in some good numbers of TBH juniors turning out at Birtley, to take part in the second running of this event.

In the first race we had two girls teams and one boys team with a spare girl and boy running in incomplete teams (which they did without complaint and gave good account of themselves).

Our new signing Harry Snaith finished 6th in the boys race, and handed over to Joe Eggett, who had a strong run handing over to William Adams bringing the boys team in at 11th place. Will Simmons bravely ran the first leg as an incomplete team.

For the girls, we think we had the youngest team in the field with a combined age of just 22, with Zara Bungay, Florence Snaith and Poppy Colver. They finished an excellent 13th beating some much older teams. The other team had Sydney Bungay on first leg running against her younger sister, handing over to Olivia Clark for a storming run to eventually hand over to Ruby Colver who was then running against her younger sister, to bring their team in 12th position. Laura Whitman also ran the first leg as part of an incomplete team, really entering into the spirit of the whole event.

TBH Under 11's

TBH Under 11’s

In the second race we had two complete U13 girls teams. The first girl in for us on leg 1 was Imogen Bungay (who had run of the day for me) with Anna Dorman following closely behind. Imogen handed over to Eve Tovey for another strong run, with Anna handing on to Amelia Short, who chased her good friend down to reverse the team positions. Amelia handed onto Hannah Mears who brought their team home in 9th position, with Eve handing over to Amber Maynard who brought her team home in 11th position.

TBH Under 13's

TBH Under 13’s

This really is a great event, giving the juniors the chance to try out relays in a very friendly and well run environment.

We attended the first running of this last year, and were pleased to increase the number of TBH taking part significantly this year. We are hoping to have a good turnout at the Elswick Good Friday races, which are run as straight races for juniors before the adult’s relay races, if anyone would like to turn up early to support them.


U11 Boys Results

PositionTeamLeg 1 NameLeg 2 NameLeg 3 Name
1North Shields Poly05:04(1)Zac Brannan10:35(1)Olly Hayes16:05(1)Elijah Fahey
2Houghton Harriers05:11(2)Tom Pigford10:58(3)Ryan King16:13(2)Harry Beston
3Durham City Harriers05:40(11)Harry Clish11:20(5)William Cook16:44(3)William Jardine
4North Shields Poly05:28(5)Harry Furness11:20(4)Reuben Elsworth17:00(4)Leo Burbridge
5Gateshead Harriers06:00(16)Bailey McDonald Crooks11:21(6)Harry Hunter17:05(5)Alfie Cook
6Sunderland Harriers05:16(4)Henry Squires10:48(2)Joe Willis17:10(6)Connor Walls
7Wallsend Harriers05:12(3)Luke Pickler11:40(9)Zach Stobbs17:14(7)Hugh Fenwick
8Crook AC05:39(9)Owen Flockton11:21(7)Harrison Stokes17:30(8)Kian Domville
9Birtley AC06:37(20)Connor Hall12:06(13)Bradley Thwaites17:33(9)Callum Chambers
10Chester le Street05:54(14)Owen Barron11:45(10)Dylan Keugh17:38(10)Luke Foster
11Tyne Bridge Harriers05:29(6)Harry Snaith11:27(8)Joe Eggett17:48(11)William Adams
12Gosforth Harriers06:20(18)Callum Dalkin12:02(12)Edward Watson17:54(12)Callum Akhtar
13Chester le Street05:43(12)Ellis Ward11:59(11)William Logan18:22(13)Marcus Wright
14Birtley AC05:31(8)Matthew Drummond12:14(14)Callum Bailey18:23(14)Gabriel Curtis
15Houghton Harriers05:51(13)Joshua Brown12:43(16)Arron Scott18:53(15)Gabriel Hardy
16South Shields Harriers05:54(15)Alexander Weston13:12(18)Hayden Yorston19:02(16)Jay Stephenson
17Sunderland Harriers06:05(17)Jacob Waterson12:55(17)Alfie Watson19:06(17)James Doran
18Derwentside AC05:31(7)Noah Williamson13:37(19)Oscar Marshall20:34(18)Oscar Bartar
19Blyth AC07:10(21)Thomas Wurmwell14:32(20)Jack Wurmwell21:13(19)Lyndon Johnson
Composite teams
Blyth AC06:27(19)Oscar Pichler12:41(15)Matthew O'Donnell23:08(20)Christopher Njai
incomplete teams
Tyne Bridge Harriers05:40(10)Will Simmons


U11 Girls Results

PositionTeamLeg 1 NameLeg 2 NameLeg 3 Name
1Derwentside AC05:24(1)Isla Wilkie11:13(1)Emily McVittie16:38(1)Isla Fishwick
2Elswick Harriers05:48(4)Charlotte Naughton11:54(5)Erin Blight17:24(2)Grace Leiper
3Birtley AC05:54(7)Daisy Graham11:44(2)Hannah Wilson17:26(3)Maggie Wilson
4Houghton Harriers05:47(3)Emily Powell11:49(4)Jessica Greggs17:37(4)Milly Wilkinson
5Chester le Street06:00(10)Maya Smith12:16(8)Darcy Lines17:53(5)Amelia Jones
6Elswick Harriers05:32(2)Poppy Wild11:55(6)Zoey Fielding18:21(7)Louisa Hamilton
7Chester le Street06:10(14)Taylor Jett Miller12:29(9)Lucy Buckle18:23(8)Faye Haynes
8South Shields Harriers05:52(6)Darcy Tulis12:59(12)Trudie Johnson18:52(9)Amy Stewart
9Durham City Harriers06:27(15)Grace Carter13:05(13)Isabelle Maddison19:06(10)Alex Jardine
10Sunderland Harriers05:57(9)Layla Owens12:05(7)Rose Squires19:17(11)Lexie Archer
11South Shields Harriers06:39(17)n/k12:45(11)n/k19:33(12)n/k
12Tyne Bridge Harriers06:27(16)Sydney Bungay13:45(15)Olivia Clark20:12(13)Ruby Calver
13Tyne Bridge Harriers06:45(18)Zara Bungay13:25(14)Florence Snaith20:25(14)Poppy Colver
14Blyth AC06:08(12)Niamh Adams14:18(17)Rebecca Allan20:28(15)Sadie Parker
15Birtley AC06:00(11)Nell Graham16:27(20)Lilly Bailey20:37(16)Kitty Graham
16Sunderland Harriers08:04(22)Ruby Corbett14:33(19)Mia Hamilton21:45(17)Evie Bowen
17Gateshead Harriers07:38(20)Holly Asquith14:31(18)Skye Milburn25:00(19)Grace Gordon
Composite teams
Low Fell / Elswick06:09(13)Bailey Shaw11:47(3)Noah Scott18:13(6)Olivia Wind
Birtley AC06:32(17)Finlay Gray13:57(16)Macy Bagura22:25(18)Libby Day
Incomplete teams
Crook AC05:50(5)Iris Welsh12:34(10)Erin Thompson
Blyth AC05:54(8)Ruby Farrell
Sunderland Harriers07:08(19)Eva Hubbard
Tyne Bridge Harriers07:47(21)Laura Whitman


U13 Girls Results

PositionBibTeamLeg 1 NameLeg 2 NameLeg 3 Name
1258Birtley AC05:40(1)Katie Francis12:23(2)Mia Openshaw18:24(1)Abigail Thwaites
2241Elswick Harriers06:01(2)Abi Leiper12:11(1)Zara Naughton18:25(2)Caitlin Flanagan
3250Blackhill Bounders06:09(3)Hannah Bowyer12:42(3)Maddie Mitchell19:25(4)Molly Anderson
4233Chester le Street06:25(4)Freja Clarkson13:35(5)Fern Bell19:56(5)Ella Jones
5231Gateshead Harriers06:55(6)Freja Bell13:33(4)Jessica Ord20:00(6)Anja Crowder
6247Derwentside AC07:11(10)Lilly Cassidy14:16(8)Lucy Pither21:03(7)Emily Williamson
7242Elswick Harriers06:57(7)Bella Russell13:59(6)Ellie Winter21:04(8)Lucy Milburn
8239Crook AC07:07(9)Megan Hauxwell14:24(10)Emilie Clark21:46(9)Leah Aldworth
9235Tyne Bridge Harriers06:45(5)Imogen Bungay14:19(9)Eve Tovey22:27(10)Amber Maynard
10248Derwentside AC07:18(11)Emma McMahon16:17(12)Cerys Ridley23:46(12)Rebecca Hart
11234Tyne Bridge Harriers07:03(8)Anna Dorman14:06(7)Amelia Short23:46(13)Hannah Meares
Composite teamComposite team
251Blackhill Bounders07:20(12)Joanna Hughes15:11(11)Rosie Anderson23:33(11)Elizabeth Sugden
incomplete teamsincomplete teams
254Sunderland Harriers08:12(13)Jessica Wilson17:57(13)Eva Watson
256Gosforth HarriersDNFFaye Landless12:00Alice Lewis18:37Carrie Pickering

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