2017-2018 North Eastern Harrier League

Start Fitness North Eastern Harrier League

Thornley Hall Farm (Peterlee)

Saturday, 10th February 2018


Well done to all the TBH Juniors who took part in Saturday’s mudfest.

I may have been mistaken but I’m certain I spotted a strip of grass on the course.

The good news is that the next cross country race isn’t for another couple of weeks (Saturday, 3rd March), allowing time for your xc spikes to dry-out before their next outing.


TBH Results
Ruby Colver (first timer) 27th 9:10
Olivia Clark 34th 10:00
Laura Whitman 37th 10:27

Joe Eggett 29th 7:49
Jake Moir 50th 8:44

Amelia Short 32nd (from the Fast pack) 18:32
Anna Dorman 34th (from the Fast Pack) 18:47
Amber Maynard 43rd 21:34
The girls finished 7th Team

Finlay Dorman 31st (from the Fast pack) 16:16


Full results can be found here

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