TBH Juniors 2K Time Trial

TBH Juniors 2K Time Trial: Race 2

Newcastle Town Moor

Wednesday 2nd May 2018

A big WELL DONE to the juniors who took part in the second TBH Juniors 2K Time Trial around Newcastle Town Moor.

On a perfect summer’s evening for running, Odhran Cummings was first to finish, with a total of 48 juniors finishing fast and furiously over the line.

Many thanks to all the coaches, leaders and parents who helped organise the run and support the runners.

Race 2 results

NameRace TimeReal Time
(without handicap time)
Odhran Cummings10:1810:18
Zac Batey10:588:58
Aoife Cummings11:0311:03
Lewis Mitchell11:169:16
Will Simmons11:257:55
Jake Moir11:328:32
Thomas Williams11:438:43
Joey Mostyn11:4310:43
Emily Eggett11:4410:44
James Simmons11:5311:53
Jessica Bellamy12:009:30
Isobel bulmer12:0212:02
Florence Snaith12:079:37
Jake Parker12:499:49
Lucy Walton12:517:51
Theo Walton13:019:31
Henry Pickett13:038:33
Isaac Pickett13:0310:33
Emily Stainsby13:0810:38
Laura Whitman13:0910:09
Caitlin Attley13:1010:10
Alanah Perowne13:219:21
Natasha Prescott13:309:30
Zoe Perowne13:309:30
Hannah Mears13:317:31
JAke Brown13:3813:38
Amber Maynard13:388:38
Hannah Cowan13:408:40
Sophie Adams13:4110:41
Scott Callard13:428:42
Joe Eggett13:438:13
Luis Nichol13:458:15
Williams Adams13:488:18
Charlie Blench13:487:48
Keiron Wilkinson13:507:20
Harry Snaith13:537:53
Lauren Bellamy13:588:58
Jessica Walton13:589:28
Anna Dorman14:007:30
Poppy Colver14:2510:25
Abigail Fraser14:2010:20
Elliott Short14:269:26
Chloe Fraser14:3810:38
Hope Moir14:409:40
Ailsa Metcalf14:459:45
Emma Metcalf14:5010:50
Joe Stainsby15:4412:44



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