TBH parkrun map

Who doesn’t love parkrun?
Who doesn’t love poring over maps and statistics?
Who isn’t fascinated to see where Tyne Bridge Harriers have been in the world?
With this in mind, we have created the TBH parkrun map.
The map shows the location of each of the world’s parkruns. As new parkruns are added so these will be added to the TBH parkrun map. A TBH badge marks those parkruns where a club member has ran. Clicking onto the badge will bring up a pop-up information box telling you the date of that parkrun’s inaugural run, the date when a TBH first visited the parkrun and the name(s) of the first TBH.
In addition, the pop-up box will identify the fastest male and female TBH at each parkrun together with their times and the name of the member with the highest age grade together with the age grade.
The map will be updated after the consolidated club parkrun statistics become available each weekend. Anyone who ‘claims’ a new parkrun for TBH will see their endeavours rewarded by the appearance of the TBH badge and their glory acknowledged in the parkrun round-up feature on the website. 
Please note the club reserves the right to dish out special praise and kudos to the first TBH to put in an appearance at the Chelyabinsk parkrun…especially if it’s during the winter.
Click on the image below to view the TBH parkrun map (this feature is best viewed on a desktop computer/laptop rather than a mobile device).

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