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parkrun roundup: 2nd March 2013

Looking at this weekend’s parkrun results it appears Darryl Davison isn’t the only ‘fair-weather’ runner in the club. On a glorious spring morning, 21 members attended different parkrun events around the region, and from those 21 runners 10 of them achieved a parkrun PB. So many congratulations to each and everyone of them. Also a …

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parkrun roundup: 23rd February 2013

Despite looking and feeling more like the Arctic, the general consensus amongst the good folk of Newcastle parkrun was what a fabulous time they’d had running around the snow-bound Town Moor. And although the deep, crisp snow wasn’t ideal for fast running conditions, there were still a couple of PB’s to shout about. So well …

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parkrun roundup: 16th February 2013

There’s a mixed bag of results from parkrun this week, as the majority of members were busy preparing for the Royal Signal Relays which took place on Saturday afternoon. The furthest travelled member was David Appleby, who took part in the Mile End (London) parkrun, whilst closer to home, seven members completed Newcastle parkrun, including …

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parkrun roundup: Saturday 9th February 2013

After the bad weather of late – and the enforced cancellation of several parkrun events – it was good to get back to normal and see so many club members take part in their local parkrun. 18 members turned out at Newcastle, with seven of them recording a PB around the Town Moor course, while …

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parkrun round: 2nd February 2013

Sadly, a plunge in temperature in the early hours of Saturday morning resulted in the cancellation of both Newcastle and Gateshead parkrun events. And with little time to travel to a different parkrun venue, it meant only three club members managed to complete a run over the weekend. But it wasn’t all gloom and doom, …

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parkrun roundup: 26th January 2013

Well done to all the members who competed at a parkrun event this weekend. Due to the poor weather and several other races over the weekend, numbers were down compared to other weekends, but that still didn’t distract from a couple of good performances from several Tyne Bridge members. At Whitley Bay parkrun, Mark (Jacko) …

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parkrun round-up: 19th January 2013

A heavy overnight snow fall made for difficult running conditions around Newcastle Town Moor on Saturday, but that didn’t deter 161 hardy runners from turning up and making the best of the situation. In fact, with chances of running a PB all but buried in the snow, the spirit amongst the competitors was remarkably high, …

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parkrun roundup: 12th January 2013

On the eve of it’s 3rd Anniversary, Newcastle parkrun continues to go from strength to strength, with Saturday witnessing another record attendance. In spite of the wintry conditions, 449 athletes completed the 5k run, including 21 Tyne Bridge members (22 if you count Louis who volunteered as a ‘pacer’ but didn’t want to be classed …

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parkrun roundup: 5th January 2013

Judging by Newcastle parkrun’s record attendance at the weekend, it appears quite a few people have made running on a Saturday morning their New Year’s resolution for 2013, so I wish them all the best for seeing it through the entire year. Tyne Bridge had 21 members taking part at Newcastle (out of 403 runners), …

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parkrun roundup: 29th December 2012

Below is a list of members who participated at a parkrun event on Saturday, 29th December. The list is presented by parkrun and contains every member registered with parkrun. If your name is missing from the list, please contact parkrun direct at office@parkrun.com and ask them to change your details.   Results for Durham parkrun, …

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parkrun roundup: 22nd December 2012

Despite the sodden footpaths, drizzly conditions and stiff breeze blowing across the moor, over 200 runners still took part in Saturday’s Newcastle parkrun event. Which just goes to show what some people will do to get out of early morning Christmas shopping!! Well done to all the club members who took part in parkrun at the weekend, either running or volunteering, …

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parkrun roundup: 15th December 2012

With the holiday season upon us, a few TBH members have returned home to be with their families and as a consequence we’re seeing results from parkrun events we’d rarely get to see. Well done to all the members who ran at a parkrun event on Saturday.         Results for Newcastle parkrun, …

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parkrun round-up: 8th December 2012

With the North Eastern’s taking place later that day, and the fact it was bleeding perishing, there was a distinct lack of members out and about at the various parkrun events on Saturday. But for those who did venture out, particularly at Newcastle parkrun, well done on surviving the slippery conditions. It was scary stuff …

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parkrun roundup: 1st December 2012

Well done to all those who braved the elements on Saturday morning by taking part in the latest Newcastle parkrun event.     Sub-zero temperatures meant sections of the course were covered in ice and organisors had to modify the course slightly in order for the event to proceed. For the runners, this meant running …

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parkrun results for Tyne Bridge Harriers: 24th November 2012

Please find a comprehensive list of members that participated at a parkrun event this weekend. If your name is missing from this list please contact parkrun (office@parkrun.com) and ask them to change your details.           Results for Durham parkrun, event number 67, 24/11/2012.   249 participants completed the run on Saturday. …

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parkrun roundup: 17th November 2012

On a busy weekend of racing, several members found time to participate in their local parkrun event.     In Newcastle, 5 members tackled the Town Moor clarts, and having been present at both Newcastle parkrun and the Cross-country at Blaydon, I’d say the parkrunners had the worst of the conditions. Poor things Michael Hancock …

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parkrun round-up: 10th November 2012

Tyne Bridge were represented at three parkrun events this weekend, Newcastle, Gateshead and Bushy Park; with a total of 17 members turning. For those who don’t know the history of parkrun, it all began in 2004, when a group of 13 mates decided to run around Bushy Park in London.  Eight years later, almost 800 …

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parkrun roundup – 27th October 2012

In the lead up to Saturday’s Newcastle parkrun, the town moor was hit by several sleet showers and the organisors were left with the difficult decision of whether to go ahead with the event. Thankfully they agreed it could, on the proviso that the runners used their common sense (runners and common sense?), and even though the course was …

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