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Nov 30 2017

Gift Ideas for Christmas

UPDATE: 30 November 2017 Not Just A Print has set up a store specifically for TBH merchandise. Just click on the link below to see what is available.  Tyne Bridge Harriers – Run TBH Officially licensed Tyne Bridge Harriers Merchandise. A donation is made from the sale of each item to support the club and …

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Dec 28 2011

Xmas Pudding Run 2011: Report

A fantastic day was had by all as a record 780 runners turned out at Whitley Bay Links on Boxing Day to run the 3.1 miles of the Xmas Pudding Run. Tyne Bridge Harriers had a superb presence at the run with 17 runners taking part in the Charity Fun Run event. In blustery conditions, the field of Boxing Day Athletes took on the 3.1 miles along

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Dec 25 2011

The 12 Dave’s Of Christmas #12 – ‘Dave’ Willis

MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody. We hope you have enjoyed our build up to Christmas 2011 with an insight to some of the club athletes (named Dave) at Tyne Bridge Harriers. We conclude with another ChristMISS ‘Dave’, Ladies Club Champion 2011/12 ‘Dave’ Willis

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Dec 24 2011

Woodlawn Xmas Pudding Fun Run 2011

Tyne Bridge Harriers will be turning out for the annual Xmas Pudding Run in Whitley Bay on Boxing Day Monday 26th December 2011. The popular run is jointly organised by Woodlawn Parents & Friends Association (WPFA) and North Shields Polytechnic Running Club

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Dec 24 2011

The 12 Dave’s Of Christmas #11 – ‘Dave’ Waugh

It’s Christmas Eve and today we have our penultimate Dave Of Christmas or in this case ChristMISS as we get the low down on one of our female ‘Daves’.. TBH Ladies Captain, Dave Waugh. I am not really a ‘Dave’ but the other Daves of Christmas have inspired me to become one (temporarily for the purposes of this article!)

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Dec 23 2011

The 12 Dave’s Of Christmas #10 – ‘Dave’ Murray

It’s almost Christmas !! .. and we continue the countdown with one of TBH’s respected club athletes who is more than proud to wear the Black N White TBH Vest (as long as there is a little bit of red in it).. Mr ‘Dave’ Murray

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Dec 22 2011

The 12 Dave’s Of Christmas #9 – ‘Dave’ Baker

The Daves continue and our countdown to Christmas is nearing it’s finale. Today’s ‘Dave’ is a well known name face.. and voice in the North East Running scene.. especially renamed for this feature, please give a Christmas welcome to the one & only ‘Dave’ Baker

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Dec 21 2011

The 12 Dave’s Of Christmas #8 – Dave Rowe

I started running when I was at school doing x- country and 1500m, as I got older the distances became shorter until I was running no further than 400m. When I was old enough to enter public houses the running stopped, I did do 5 GNR in my late teens/early twenties with little or no training….

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Dec 20 2011

The 12 Dave’s Of Christmas #7 – Dave Appleby

Unlike some other Dave’s my running history goes back quite a few years. I was one of those who were bitten by the first Great North Run Bug back in 1981. I was 17 and it was something new and a bit different. The running boom was just beginning to gather a bit of momentum and we were going to have a massive race in our own back yard and I thought I could be part of it.

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Dec 19 2011

The 12 Dave’s Of Christmas #6 – ‘Dave’ Macpherson

Dave #6 and hope you are enjoying the profiles so far. Today we have our very own.. very special and very renamed Club Secretary Mr. Macpherson. Growing up in Mallaig we had very poor facilities in the 70′s and 80′s.

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Dec 18 2011

The 12 Dave’s Of Christmas #5 – Dave Young

Today, on Dave 5 of our ‘run up to Christmas’, Dave Young gives us an insight into why he became a runner. When I was a teenager I wasn’t really interested in athletics, I grew up in Whitley Bay and used to spend a lot of my free time fishing.

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Dec 17 2011

The 12 Dave’s Of Christmas #4 – Dave Anderson

Dave #4 already and we hope you are enjoying the festive fun. In the build up to the big day, we are celebrating everything that is DAVE in our 12 Dave’s of Christmas. Today we have managed to get a few words from our ‘very shy and retiring’ TBH Head Coach .. Mr Dave Anderson

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Dec 16 2011

The 12 Dave’s Of Christmas #3 – Dave Embleton

Our Festive Frivolity continues as we reach Dave #3 in our 12 Dave’s of Christmas feature. Todays article has been especially produced by Dave Moir. The rarest and possibly less well known Dave of Christmas, is the Embleton.

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Dec 15 2011

The 12 Dave’s Of Christmas #2 – Dave Moir

Our second installment of our Seasonal Feature, The 12 Dave’s Of Christmas continues today with our very own Club Treasurer .. Mr. Dave Moir

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Dec 14 2011

The 12 Dave’s Of Christmas #1 – Dave Daniels

At Tyne Bridge Harriers, we have alot of Daves. So we thought it would be a nice idea to celebrate everything that is Dave this festive season with a profile of each of our special Athletes called Dave in The 12 Daves Of Christmas

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