Week 9 – TBH Juniors – Treasure Hunt

They say that orienteering is the thinking person’s running. Well, we certainly saw plenty of thinking and puzzling as the juniors took on the challenge of the TBH Treasure Hunt – specially prepared by David Daniels and Dave Moir (DDDM).

I think everyone would agree it was a fantastic challenge that required plenty of athleticism and mental dexterity. I also think most would agree it was a lot of fun – maybe less the ones who tried to navigate in the fog and mist of Friday night and, I for one, strongly regretted suggesting that I’d follow on my bike. Running up Cow Hill whilst pushing a bike was not something I had in mind when I set off for a gentle cycle!

Congratulations to the Shutdown Striders who navigated their way to a 1st place finish with an impressive average time of just 29:51. Second were the Rainbow Rockets with 37:00 and third were the Lockdown Legends with an average of 49:48.

Shutdown Striders
  Lockdown Legends
  Rainbow Rockets
Harry Snaith00:00:00Jake Moir

Anna Dorman

David Carr00:37:46George Murphy00:15:52Fraser Bigg00:00:00
Caitlin Attley
00:35:43Zak Kettle01:15:49Aiden Jones00:00:00
Hope Moir
00:32:00Amelia Short

00:42:33Sophie Platt
Freddie Palmer00:17:14Lucas Powell00:00:00Ruby Colver00:00:00
Ellie Marshall00:00:00Florence Snaith
00:00:00Dylan Desborough
Alanah Perowne00:27:48Jake Parker00:36:29
Nina Hirt00:41:32
Charlie Kilgour00:25:52Henry Pickett00:35:12Katie Smeaton00:41:32
Laura Whitman00:00:00Joey Mostyn
00:57:00Luis Nichol00:37:00

Abigail Fraser
00:32:36Laurence Hattaway00:59:38Chloe Fraser00:32:36

It was a fantastic event and I think Henry called it right as we descended off Cow Hill (me still attempting to run whilst pushing a bike) when he said “This is the best fun”.

Thanks to DDDM for their effort and creativity.

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