Week 7 – 6 minute Time Trial

We were blessed with another week of glorious sunshine which meant there were a few strategic decisions about when to take on this week’s 6 minute time trial.

Again we saw some hugely impressive results with a number of juniors covering more than a mile in their 6 minutes. To add a bit of extra intrigue (and maths challenge for the results preparation) all of the juniors in even positions had their distances doubled.

Well done to the Shutdown Striders who fought well to take their second victory with a cumulative distance covered of 12.55 miles. Close behind were the Rainbow Rockets with 11.88 miles and just a whisker back were the Lockdown Legends with 11.79 miles.

Shutdown Striders
  Lockdown Legends
  Rainbow Rockets
* - double distance
Harry Snaith1.02Jake Moir
1.04Anna Dorman
David Carr0.96 *George Murphy0.92 *Fraser Bigg0.92 *
Caitlin Attley
0.95Zak Kettle0.91Aiden Jones0.87
Hope Moir
0.89 *Amelia Short

0.89 *Sophie Platt
0.85 *
Freddie Palmer0.87Lucas Powell0.77Ruby Colver0.78
Ellie Marshall0.84 *Florence Snaith
0.76 *Dylan Desborough
0.76 *
Alanah Perowne0.79Jake Parker0.69Nina Hirt0.75
Charlie Kilgour0.72 *Henry Pickett0.69 *Katie Smeaton0.74 *
Laura Whitman0.70Joey Mostyn
0.68Luis Nichol0.72
Abigail Fraser
0.70 *Laurence Hattaway0.59 *Chloe Fraser0.6 *

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