Week 12 – TBH Juniors – 8 * 100m

If Usain Bolt had ventured out in Newcastle this week he would have been relieved that he’s retired and not having to face the future talents of TBH juniors. We saw our younger athletes blitzing their 100m sprints with some impressive times.

In a tight contest we saw the Shutdown Striders take a narrow victory (by just 27s over) with a time of 25:21 over the Rainbow Rockets (25:48). The Lockdown Legends came in third with a total time of 27:29.

Shutdown Striders
  Lockdown Legends
  Rainbow Rockets
Harry Snaith00:02:12Jake Moir
Anna Dorman

David Carr00:02:22George Murphy00:02:13Fraser Bigg00:02:35
Caitlin Attley
00:02:17Zak Kettle00:02:07Aiden Jones00:02:34
Hope Moir
00:02:22Amelia Short

00:02:00Sophie Platt
Freddie Palmer00:02:43Lucas Powell00:02:44Ruby Colver00:02:31
Jack Whitelaw00:02:34Florence Snaith
00:02:45Dylan Desborough
Alanah Perowne00:02:27Jake Parker00:02:40
Nina Hirt00:02:35
Charlie Kilgour00:02:32Henry Pickett00:02:42Katie Smeaton00:02:39
Laura Whitman00:02:26Joey Mostyn
00:02:18Luis Nichol00:02:35

Abigail Fraser
00:02:26Laurence Hattaway00:02:50Chloe Fraser00:02:35

Well done to all of the juniors (and also the parents who had to assist with the creation of the 100m courses!).

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