TBH Juniors: Summer Grand Prix

Well done to all the TBH Juniors who took part in Tuesday’s 1 Mile handicap race through Armstrong Park [Tuesday, 3 May 2016].

And a special mention to Zara Bungay, who held off strong competition to be first over the finishing line :thumbsup:

NameRace TimeReal Time
Zara Bungay00:09:1000:09:10
Elliot Short00:09:2500:08:55
Amelia Short00:09:3200:06:32
Jake Moir00:09:3400:07:14
Anna Dorman00:09:3600:06:36
Eve Tovey00:09:3800:07:18
Joe Eggert00:09:4400:07:29
Hannah Cherif00:09:5900:08:34
Natasha Walker00:10:0100:07:56
Lily Hall00:10:1000:07:25
Sydney Bungay00:10:2200:08:42
Hope Moir00:11:0200:08:27


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