TBH Juniors 2K Time Trial

TBH Juniors 2K Time Trial: Race 3

Newcastle Town Moor

Wednesday 6th June 2018

A big WELL DONE to all the juniors who took part in Race 3 of the TBH Juniors 2K Time Trial.

On a bright, summer’s evening on Newcastle Town Moor, 37 juniors finished the event. with Luke Williams first over the finishing line. Anna Dorman posted the quickest time of the evening, running 6:44 minutes.

Many thanks to all the coaches, leaders and parents who helped organise the run and support the runners.

Race 3 results

NameFinish TimeReal Time
Luke Williams00:10:0300:10:03
George Murphy00:10:1100:08:41
Kora Howorth00:12:0200:09:02
Caitlin Attley00:12:0300:09:03
Joe Stainsby00:12:1500:11:45
Jack Cowan00:12:2000:11:50
Elliott Short00:12:2300:08:23
Zac Kettle00:12:3600:07:06
Emily Eggett00:12:3900:10:09
Emma Metcalf00:12:4000:10:10
Anna Dorman00:12:4400:06:44
Hannah Meares00:12:4800:06:48
Jake Brown00:12:4800:12:48
Hope Moir00:12:5400:09:24
Jake Parker00:12:5400:09:24
Elsa Metcalf00:13:0000:09:30
Amelia Short00:13:0100:07:01
Theo Walton00:13:0100:09:01
Eve Tovey00:13:0200:08:02
Thomas Williams00:13:0300:08:33
Amber Maynard00:13:0500:08:05
James Simmons00:13:1500:11:45
Henry Pickett00:13:1700:08:17
Laura Whitman00:13:1900:10:19
Lewis Mitchell00:13:2100:09:21
Hannah Cowan00:13:2200:08:52
Alanah Perowne00:13:2400:09:24
Poppy Clark00:13:3400:10:34
Zoe Perowne00:13:3700:09:37
Lucy Walton00:13:3800:08:08
Nina Hirt00:13:3800:10:38
Abigail Noone00:13:4100:09:41
Katherine Bird00:13:4700:09:17
Alistair Oldcorn00:13:5200:09:52
Isaac Pickett00:13:5900:10:59
Emily Stainsby00:14:0100:11:01
Jamie McGoran00:15:4200:10:12

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