Prudhoe Miners – Race Report

Jessica Walton has sent in her account of the Prudhoe Miners race from last week.

On Sunday the 21st of September some of us did the Prudhoe miners race.

First of all we cheered in the adults then it was time for our race. Me, Hope, Jake, Millie, Katie, Lucy and our friend Anna all did the 1.5k and Kieran and Eve did the 3k. In the little run there was no hills, so that was good it wasn’t too hard. When I got to the end I wasn’t really tired but I was proud. Me and Katie ran in together and then we cheered in Millie and Hope and Jake, Lucy and Anna were waiting for us. In the older race Eve and Kieran did really well, Eve came in near the start and Kieran came in not long after her.

After everyone was in, we had something to eat and I got a slushy. After this Hope ran off and I followed her to find she was going towards a dog (again!!!) and stroked it and picked it up as if it was her own. When we had to go, Hope couldn’t let go but eventually we got her to say goodbye. We had a great day.

By Jessica Walton

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    • Si on October 3, 2014 at 13:17
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    I’ll do my Mud-Bucket Challenge @ the next muddiest x-country Jessica!!

    • david rowe on October 4, 2014 at 06:52
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    Great report Jessica. Well done to everyone who ran. Mr.Moir should consider a family dog.

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