NEHL 2014/15: Jarrow. Race Report 3

Having thawed out following Saturday’s Cross-Country race, Hannah Turney submits her account of the race. [Warning: Contains Graphic image].


My first race by Hannah Turney


This was my first ever race with Tyne Bridge Harriers and I would say it was hell but it was far to cold! No one could ever imagine the horror, the cold wet whether, running ankle deep in mud, up hills and loads of people falling over.

As I got round to the end of the route that Dave [Moir] had taken us a cheer entered my mind I had finished not knowing that there was another 15 minutes of running ahead of me and half of that was up a huge hill! Dave had lied!! At the end of the race I was met by hugs, dry heaving and a comment I will never forget ‘Why can’t you find a warmer sport?!’  …

Personally I would do it again because I love running but it will never make me forget the scariest day of my life the first race. It wasn’t what I possibly imagined I thought there would be herds of girls pushing people but everyone was very nice. If you stopped they would encourage you and I  thought there would be a heated tent!

At the end of the race two people threw up, a few people were dry heaving and I finished a toenail less!

Big toe minus toe-nail.

Big toe minus toe-nail.


A big well done to everyone who took part and a big thank you to all the coaches who have helped us.

Next time I’ll bring the necessary 200 layers!!


By Hannah

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    • David Rowe on February 2, 2015 at 13:36
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    Well done Hannah. You did brilliant. Another cracking report.

    • Apples on February 2, 2015 at 15:28
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    Wow another fantastic race report Hannah, three and a photo of a lost toenail must be a record. The juniors are definitely putting the old folk to shame. Well done on your first race, despite the cold and mud you seem to have enjoyed it. Hope you are looking forward to Alnwick.

  1. Hannah I’ve just realised that’s your toe nail!!!!
    Great race report!!

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