NEGP 6 – Gateshead Stadium 7-8-19

The final fixture in the NEGP series had 3 TBH juniors out, with many of our reguars away still on holiday.

Amber Maynard had a good try at a PB in the 800m, falling short only by a couple of seconds. She put in a brave first lap but fading slightly in the second, but still posting a great 3:09.00. Josh Bruce also in the 800m posted a fantastic 2:28.88 at his first attempt at the distance, fairly sure there will be more to come from him in the next track season.

Zak Kettle was next up in the 3000m, a first attempt at the distance running 11:27.99. Josh Bruce followed up his hard run 800m with a 3000m and posted a time of 12:04.04 on fairly tired legs

Thankfully I thought ahead and as I wasn’t racing, managed to neck a 4 cheese stuffed crust pizza before the action started. Zak was treated to a Tuna Wilt (Tuna crunch was available earlier on in the day) with tomato sauce crisps after his race.

Next up are the Watergate road races, followed by a welcome return to the mud, with the first XC fixture being at Farringdon, closely followed by the Harrier League opening it’s season at Wrekenton this year.

Dave Moir

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