March 2017 Bleep Test

Well done to all the juniors who survived Wednesday evening’s Bleep Test (1st March 2017).

The test results can be viewed below (please get in touch if you think your result is incorrect).


Keiron Wilkinson16.12
Jake Moir16.6
James Walker16.6
Katherine Bird13.1
Abigail Noone13.1
Amelia Short16.8
Eve Tovey13.12
Kirsten Dotchin11.9
Scott Calland11.4
Hannah Cherif10.2
JOe Eggett13.12
Imogen Bungay17.11
Sydney Bungay15.4
Zara Bungay5.6
Elliott Short5.7
Isobel Bulmer5.8
Olivia Clark12
Michael Healey10.2
Emily Stainsby8.8
Joe Stainsby7.8
Laura Whitman16.6
Peter Hedley7.8
Natasha Prescott12.1
Joe Marshall4.6
Jenny Jackman8.8
Harry Mallett12.4


We’ll be repeating the test in a few month’s time.


Dave Moir

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