Coach Profile: Sandy Anderson

My wife Jessica (otherwise know as ‘The Boss’ in the household) and I are really joggers, not proper runners, and as such run with TBH Groups 4/5.

Jogging is something we have always done, along with road cycling (and hence triathlons/duathlons), hill walking and mountaineering at lower technical grades (though we are getting past the rigours of expeditions), and in my case, scuba diving (taken up late when I was medically advised to give up judo).

The Boss does horse riding, which I don’t really do (though currently she has me taking riding lessons).

I don’t have coaching qualifications for any of these because No.1 Son was an Instructor for scuba, then climbing and driving before his current job as Training Manager for a drone sales company, but in the past I helped out with junior sessions at a judo club in the west end of Newcastle. I am an EA Field Official (Level 1 but working up).

We enjoy more “off the wall” running events, with only two objectives – to finish and to not be last (though we have been the latter in the Chevy Chase).

Sandy & Jessica

Sandy & Jessica

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