Coach Profile: Kathryn Stevenson

I was never a regular runner. I would enter an odd race with a friend and we would always start the race and cross the finish line together. I didn’t know I would be given an actual placing and official time!

That all changed when I joined Tyne Bridge Harriers in 2014. I started in group five but much to my dismay I was soon thrown out of that group (and my comfort zone) and into group four. I got faster and realised I was a decent runner in my age category. I could win prizes and be a counter in a winning team! Five years later and I now run in group two.

I love the team spirit at Tyne Bridge Harriers and I have made a lot of new friends, my aim is to still be running when I am 80!

I help with the TBH Juniors on a Monday night. It is inspiring to see our young runners focused and enjoying their running, and putting us oldies to shame in the cool down stretches!





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