Cross-Country Race Report

Junior’s Coach Dave Moir reports from the latest cross-country fixture.


North East Harrier League: Race 2 – Aykley Heads (Saturday 22 November 2014)

Q – How many TBH mum’s does it take to put up a tent?

A – Six, and they can do it in less than 5 minutes.

That was the first challenge taken care of, and some of the mum’s went on to give good account of themselves in their own XC race later on in the day. Hopefully a full race report from the ladies will be on the TBH main site.

First up for racing was the U11 boys, where we had Michael Harland and relatively new signing Dillon Wallace running. Michael managed 28th overall and Dillon – just under a minute behind – came in 66th.

Dillon Wallace in action.

Dillon Wallace in action.

Next up was the U11 girls and sensibly the Harrier League had responded to the suggestion of splitting the boys and girls races this time, as there were around 160 at Temple Park and with there being 153 boys and girls at Aykley Heads, the decision proved to be a good one. We had Lauren Bird and Anna Dorman neck and neck to the line to finish 44th and 45th, with Lauren being a hairs breadth in-front of Anna, with Hope Moir completing the team in 68th place.

Then we had Finlay Dorman, despite getting a stitch (which he quickly rectified with an iced bun as soon as he got back to the tent) finished a very credible 17th in the U13 boys race.

Finally in the U13 girls race, we had Harrier League stalwart Jane Harland leading the charge, finishing an excellent 38th, Eve Helm despite losing a shoe and having to go back for it (must remember electricians tape for the next fixture to keep those spikes on!!)  finishing 53rd, and then closing our team we had Alicia Wallace just behind in 60th place.

Alicia Wallace (726) and Jane Harland (639) in action.

Alicia Wallace (L) and Jane Harland in action.

This was a tough course by all accounts so well done to our TBH juniors for giving it everything and finishing strongly :thumbsup:


Full results from the event can be found here.

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    • Iain on November 23, 2014 at 17:53
    • Reply

    Well done everyone – it’s great to see numbers getting bigger at every event!

    I think John Hurse should take some tips on putting up the tent from the mums!

    • Si on November 23, 2014 at 21:51
    • Reply

    Fantastic stuff team! Well done to all the support crew for erecting the tent so fast too! Most of you are racing against other kids a lot older, so you need to be mega proud of yourselves, especially over such a touch course 🙂

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