800m Time Trial: 18th May 2016

Well done to all the juniors who took part in Wednesday evening’s 800m Time Trial :thumbsup:

02:41Finlay Dorman
02:50Amelia Short
03:00Anna Dorman
03:02Keiron Wilkinson
03:04Imogen Bungey
03:06Eve Tovey
03:08Anna Blenkinsop
03:14Joe Eggett
03:24Jake Moir
03:26James Walker
03:27Hope Moir
03:28William Adams
03:28Natasha Walker
03:29Jessica Walton
03:31Ruby Colver
03:42Sydney Bungey
03:45Abigail Noone
03:48Hannah Cherif
03:49Katherine Bird
03:49Kirsten Dotchin
03:57Elliot Short
04:01Scott Calland
04:31Shay Redall
04:37Zara Bungey
05:05James Snowdon
05:21Amy Miller
05:25Poppy Colver


We’ll do it again in a few month’s time to check everyone’s progress.


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