2016-2017 TBH Juniors parkrun Winter Series

The winner of the first ever TBH Juniors parkrun Winter Series is…(drum roll da-da-da-da) AMELIA SHORT :thumbsup:


Points Table

Name2 Oct 20166 Nov 20164 Dec 20168 Jan 20175 Feb 20175 Mar 2017Total
(Best 4 of 6)
Amelia Short72.1571.8868.5468.5470.87283.44
Eve Tovey66.4564.9059.2460.2562.82254.42
Zara Bungay62.7263.2262.2963.22251.45
Jake Parker60.5656.0454.7162.6063.2160.00246.37
Joseph Eggett57.9263.4559.8564.01245.23
Sydney Bungay62.5560.9960.5160.51244.56
Henry Pickett58.4861.4253.2255.09228.21
Kora Howorth54.7456.7955.8554.8058.32225.76
Anna Dorman72.8172.2472.81217.86
Kirsten Dotchin59.5052.1651.9452.93216.53
Imogen Bungay72.1065.7268.46206.28
Olivia Clark57.4460.0759.80177.31
Isaac Pickett44.9547.0148.99140.95
Jake Moir64.4764.71129.18
Hannah Cherif55.5756.47112.04
PJ Hedley45.438.2283.62
Finlay Dorman73.8873.88
Elliot Short62.6762.67
Hope Moir61.6761.67


Going into the final race of the season (Sunday, 5th March 2017), three members still stood a chance of winning the competition, but a strong run by Amelia was enough to maintain her lead at the top of the table and claim victory.

Congratulations Amelia, and well done to all the junior members who competed in the series.




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