Mar 19

2017-2018 Harrier League Cross Country

Start Fitness North Eastern Harrier League

Alnwick Pastures

Saturday, 17th March 2018

A huge well done to everyone who took part in saturday’s cross country around a cold and windy Alnwick pastures.

Given the terrible weather conditions it was no surprise to find junior numbers were down – not just at TBH but for all running clubs – so a big pat on the back to those that did turn up.

We closed an U13 girls team again and finished a very credible 10th overall. More satisfying was the fact we closed a team at every fixture and will be looking to build on this next season.

At Alnwick we had;

Harry Snaith U11 boys – first ever harrier league, 8th overall – he’ll be in the U13 category next season

Olivia Clark U11 girls – 31st overall

U13 Girls – 5th team
Amelia Short 20th from the Fast Pack
Amber Maynard 28th
Hope Moir 30th

Full results can be found here


Mar 18

TBH Juniors Training Sessions

Hi Juniors,

Firstly, well done to everyone who took part in Saturday’s Cross Country event at Alnwick. I hope you’ve all thawed out and regained feeling in your fingers and toes!!

Our next training session will be 6:00pm, Wednesday, 21st March, at our winter training venue Newcastle High School for Girls (NE2 4RU).

A map of the new training venue can be viewed below (nb. the Korfball team are based in the same building).

Please bring along a jacket and hi-viz as older members may go for a run around the Town Moor.


New runners are always welcome to our training sessions.

We accept children between the ages of 6 – 14 years but they must be accompanied with a guardian.

Dave Moir

Mar 12

2018 Birtley Relays

Birtley Relays

Sunday, 11th March 2018


Dave Moir reports from Sunday’s event.

Well despite it being Mothers-day, some carefully crafted words of appreciation, cards and presents, resulted in some good numbers of TBH juniors turning out at Birtley, to take part in the second running of this event.

In the first race we had two girls teams and one boys team with a spare girl and boy running in incomplete teams (which they did without complaint and gave good account of themselves).

Our new signing Harry Snaith finished 6th in the boys race, and handed over to Joe Eggett, who had a strong run handing over to William Adams bringing the boys team in at 11th place. Will Simmons bravely ran the first leg as an incomplete team.

For the girls, we think we had the youngest team in the field with a combined age of just 22, with Zara Bungay, Florence Snaith and Poppy Colver. They finished an excellent 13th beating some much older teams. The other team had Sydney Bungay on first leg running against her younger sister, handing over to Olivia Clark for a storming run to eventually hand over to Ruby Colver who was then running against her younger sister, to bring their team in 12th position. Laura Whitman also ran the first leg as part of an incomplete team, really entering into the spirit of the whole event.

TBH Under 11's

TBH Under 11’s

In the second race we had two complete U13 girls teams. The first girl in for us on leg 1 was Imogen Bungay (who had run of the day for me) with Anna Dorman following closely behind. Imogen handed over to Eve Tovey for another strong run, with Anna handing on to Amelia Short, who chased her good friend down to reverse the team positions. Amelia handed onto Hannah Mears who brought their team home in 9th position, with Eve handing over to Amber Maynard who brought her team home in 11th position.

TBH Under 13's

TBH Under 13’s

This really is a great event, giving the juniors the chance to try out relays in a very friendly and well run environment.

We attended the first running of this last year, and were pleased to increase the number of TBH taking part significantly this year. We are hoping to have a good turnout at the Elswick Good Friday races, which are run as straight races for juniors before the adult’s relay races, if anyone would like to turn up early to support them.


U11 Boys Results

Leg 1
Leg 2
Leg 3
1North Shields Poly05:04(1)Zac Brannan10:35(1)Olly Hayes16:05(1)Elijah Fahey
2Houghton Harriers05:11(2)Tom Pigford10:58(3)Ryan King16:13(2)Harry Beston
3Durham City Harriers05:40(11)Harry Clish11:20(5)William Cook16:44(3)William Jardine
4North Shields Poly05:28(5)Harry Furness11:20(4)Reuben Elsworth17:00(4)Leo Burbridge
5Gateshead Harriers06:00(16)Bailey McDonald Crooks11:21(6)Harry Hunter17:05(5)Alfie Cook
6Sunderland Harriers05:16(4)Henry Squires10:48(2)Joe Willis17:10(6)Connor Walls
7Wallsend Harriers05:12(3)Luke Pickler11:40(9)Zach Stobbs17:14(7)Hugh Fenwick
8Crook AC05:39(9)Owen Flockton11:21(7)Harrison Stokes17:30(8)Kian Domville
9Birtley AC06:37(20)Connor Hall12:06(13)Bradley Thwaites17:33(9)Callum Chambers
10Chester le Street05:54(14)Owen Barron11:45(10)Dylan Keugh17:38(10)Luke Foster
11Tyne Bridge Harriers05:29(6)Harry Snaith11:27(8)Joe Eggett17:48(11)William Adams
12Gosforth Harriers06:20(18)Callum Dalkin12:02(12)Edward Watson17:54(12)Callum Akhtar
13Chester le Street05:43(12)Ellis Ward11:59(11)William Logan18:22(13)Marcus Wright
14Birtley AC05:31(8)Matthew Drummond12:14(14)Callum Bailey18:23(14)Gabriel Curtis
15Houghton Harriers05:51(13)Joshua Brown12:43(16)Arron Scott18:53(15)Gabriel Hardy
16South Shields Harriers05:54(15)Alexander Weston13:12(18)Hayden Yorston19:02(16)Jay Stephenson
17Sunderland Harriers06:05(17)Jacob Waterson12:55(17)Alfie Watson19:06(17)James Doran
18Derwentside AC05:31(7)Noah Williamson13:37(19)Oscar Marshall20:34(18)Oscar Bartar
19Blyth AC07:10(21)Thomas Wurmwell14:32(20)Jack Wurmwell21:13(19)Lyndon Johnson
Composite teams
Blyth AC06:27(19)Oscar Pichler12:41(15)Matthew O'Donnell23:08(20)Christopher Njai
incomplete teams
Tyne Bridge Harriers05:40(10)Will Simmons


U11 Girls Results

Leg 1
Leg 2
Leg 3
1Derwentside AC05:24(1)Isla Wilkie11:13(1)Emily McVittie16:38(1)Isla Fishwick
2Elswick Harriers05:48(4)Charlotte Naughton11:54(5)Erin Blight17:24(2)Grace Leiper
3Birtley AC05:54(7)Daisy Graham11:44(2)Hannah Wilson17:26(3)Maggie Wilson
4Houghton Harriers05:47(3)Emily Powell11:49(4)Jessica Greggs17:37(4)Milly Wilkinson
5Chester le Street06:00(10)Maya Smith12:16(8)Darcy Lines17:53(5)Amelia Jones
6Elswick Harriers05:32(2)Poppy Wild11:55(6)Zoey Fielding18:21(7)Louisa Hamilton
7Chester le Street06:10(14)Taylor Jett Miller12:29(9)Lucy Buckle18:23(8)Faye Haynes
8South Shields Harriers05:52(6)Darcy Tulis12:59(12)Trudie Johnson18:52(9)Amy Stewart
9Durham City Harriers06:27(15)Grace Carter13:05(13)Isabelle Maddison19:06(10)Alex Jardine
10Sunderland Harriers05:57(9)Layla Owens12:05(7)Rose Squires19:17(11)Lexie Archer
11South Shields Harriers06:39(17)n/k12:45(11)n/k19:33(12)n/k
12Tyne Bridge Harriers06:27(16)Sydney Bungay13:45(15)Olivia Clark20:12(13)Ruby Calver
13Tyne Bridge Harriers06:45(18)Zara Bungay13:25(14)Florence Snaith20:25(14)Poppy Colver
14Blyth AC06:08(12)Niamh Adams14:18(17)Rebecca Allan20:28(15)Sadie Parker
15Birtley AC06:00(11)Nell Graham16:27(20)Lilly Bailey20:37(16)Kitty Graham
16Sunderland Harriers08:04(22)Ruby Corbett14:33(19)Mia Hamilton21:45(17)Evie Bowen
17Gateshead Harriers07:38(20)Holly Asquith14:31(18)Skye Milburn25:00(19)Grace Gordon
Composite teams
Low Fell / Elswick06:09(13)Bailey Shaw11:47(3)Noah Scott18:13(6)Olivia Wind
Birtley AC06:32(17)Finlay Gray13:57(16)Macy Bagura22:25(18)Libby Day
Incomplete teams
Crook AC05:50(5)Iris Welsh12:34(10)Erin Thompson
Blyth AC05:54(8)Ruby Farrell
Sunderland Harriers07:08(19)Eva Hubbard
Tyne Bridge Harriers07:47(21)Laura Whitman


U13 Girls Results

Leg 1
Leg 2
Leg 3
1258Birtley AC05:40(1)Katie Francis12:23(2)Mia Openshaw18:24(1)Abigail Thwaites
2241Elswick Harriers06:01(2)Abi Leiper12:11(1)Zara Naughton18:25(2)Caitlin Flanagan
3250Blackhill Bounders06:09(3)Hannah Bowyer12:42(3)Maddie Mitchell19:25(4)Molly Anderson
4233Chester le Street06:25(4)Freja Clarkson13:35(5)Fern Bell19:56(5)Ella Jones
5231Gateshead Harriers06:55(6)Freja Bell13:33(4)Jessica Ord20:00(6)Anja Crowder
6247Derwentside AC07:11(10)Lilly Cassidy14:16(8)Lucy Pither21:03(7)Emily Williamson
7242Elswick Harriers06:57(7)Bella Russell13:59(6)Ellie Winter21:04(8)Lucy Milburn
8239Crook AC07:07(9)Megan Hauxwell14:24(10)Emilie Clark21:46(9)Leah Aldworth
9235Tyne Bridge Harriers06:45(5)Imogen Bungay14:19(9)Eve Tovey22:27(10)Amber Maynard
10248Derwentside AC07:18(11)Emma McMahon16:17(12)Cerys Ridley23:46(12)Rebecca Hart
11234Tyne Bridge Harriers07:03(8)Anna Dorman14:06(7)Amelia Short23:46(13)Hannah Meares
Composite teamComposite team
251Blackhill Bounders07:20(12)Joanna Hughes15:11(11)Rosie Anderson23:33(11)Elizabeth Sugden
incomplete teamsincomplete teams
254Sunderland Harriers08:12(13)Jessica Wilson17:57(13)Eva Watson
256Gosforth HarriersDNFFaye Landless12:00Alice Lewis18:37Carrie Pickering

Feb 10

2017-2018 North Eastern Harrier League

Start Fitness North Eastern Harrier League

Thornley Hall Farm (Peterlee)

Saturday, 10th February 2018


Well done to all the TBH Juniors who took part in Saturday’s mudfest.

I may have been mistaken but I’m certain I spotted a strip of grass on the course.

The good news is that the next cross country race isn’t for another couple of weeks (Saturday, 3rd March), allowing time for your xc spikes to dry-out before their next outing.


TBH Results
Ruby Colver (first timer) 27th 9:10
Olivia Clark 34th 10:00
Laura Whitman 37th 10:27

Joe Eggett 29th 7:49
Jake Moir 50th 8:44

Amelia Short 32nd (from the Fast pack) 18:32
Anna Dorman 34th (from the Fast Pack) 18:47
Amber Maynard 43rd 21:34
The girls finished 7th Team

Finlay Dorman 31st (from the Fast pack) 16:16


Full results can be found here

Jan 07

2017-2018 North Eastern Harrier League

Start Fitness North Eastern Harrier League

Herrington Park (Sunderland)

Saturday, 6th January 2018

Well done to everyone who took part in Saturday’s cross country.

It was certainly a day for lovers of mud as heavy rain turned the course in a mud-bath.


U11 Boys
Jake Moir 45th in 8:25

U11 Girls
Sydney Bungay 44th 8:53
Natasha Prescott 49th 9:12
Laura Whitman 56th 10:14
Olivia Clarke 59th 10:25

U13 Girls
Imogen Bungay 20th 17:35
Amelia Short (Fast Pack) 39th 19:03 (17:18 actual time)
Hope Moir 53rd 20:56
Amber Maynard 55th 21:03

The U13 Girls team finished 8th


The next fixture is on Saturday, 10th February 2018 at Thronley Hall Farm.

Dec 11

TBH Juniors – 2017 Awards

Juniors Awards Night – Saturday, 9th December 2017

It’s been a very successful year for the TBH junior section. We now have 4 fully qualified junior coaches, which allows us greater flexibility with what we can do with the various groups that we have. We also have other people working towards the Coaching qualification, so I feel we have established a robust coaching structure, and are now in a position to expand and increase the number of junior athletes we can cope with.

Another major development for the juniors section this year, was the sourcing and relocation of our meeting base to the Newcastle High School for Girls. This facility has been a real find as it has a large gym hall, meaning we never have to cancel a session because of the weather, and it also seems to be fairly central for quite a few of our members.

The junior section is steadily growing, with 30-40 attending Wednesday training sessions each week, and we have started to regularly close teams in the Harrier League fixtures. Like the senior awards, the junior awards are all about recognising and rewarding hard work and commitment in training, and hopefully the young athletes will learn important life lessons from their experiences at TBH as juniors.


Over 11 Girls

This award goes to someone who puts the work in by attending Wednesday sessions, Saturday track sessions, and races at every opportunity (including for her School). The regular training she does has paid off, and despite just moving into the U13 age category, she gives every race everything she has got, still holding her own, despite being one of the younger ones in that age category.

This award goes to Amber Maynard :thumbsup:


Over 11 Boys

This young man has had a great year of racing, attending plenty of XC fixtures along with a variety of road races, bringing his 5K pb to below 19 ½ minutes. He is a regular attender at the Saturday track sessions, and has started to periodically attend some senior sessions. I often see him training at School with our very own Matt Poole and a Tynedale Harrier (Hugh Bingham), getting in to school fairly early so that he can do this session. Despite being one of the youngest in his age category, he always gives good account of himself and betters a lot of boys who are significantly older than him.

This award goes to Finlay Dorman :thumbsup:


Under 11 Girls

This young lady has made massive improvements based on her hard work in training. She is a regular park runner is a keen cross country runner, turning out for all fixtures, including being one of the few juniors to turn up for the North Eastern Counties Cross Country Champions in December.

This well-deserved award goes to Natasha Prescott :thumbsup:


Under 11 Boys

This award goes to one of the youngest members of TBH, and was the most conclusive award with pretty much all the coaches voting for him. I don’t coach him myself, but know fine well that the coaches appreciate the hard work and commitment he puts into his training, by the comments and number of votes he has received. He never gives up no matter how hard the sessions are. His dogged determination is the reason why he improves weekly.

This award goes to Jake Brown :thumbsup:


XC Member of the year

This award always goes to regular racers, who show strength and consistency within this discipline. This year is no exception and goes to a junior who probably represents TBH more often than anyone else. This probably is the discipline they enjoy the most, and they are happiest when conditions and courses are at their toughest

This award goes to Jake Moir :thumbsup:


Members of the year

This was a dead heat, and I didn’t want either one of these athletes to not be recognised for their efforts over the last year

First we have an award for a young lady who is a regular at training and racing. She is steadily improving and it’s clear her hard work is paying off from her racing performances. She is a regular at our Summer GP events bringing her road mile to well below 7 minutes, and is also a regular races at cross country, often making up a team in one of our stronger age categories, the U13 girls.

This award goes to Imogen Bungay :thumbsup:


Next we have a young lady who is one of our longer serving juniors, and I’ve watched her progress through the ranks, with her now being one of our leading runners also in the U13 girls category. Despite early season promotion to the fast pack, she has been un-phased and continues to give each Harrier League her all, despite having to give the majority of the field a fairly substantial head start.

This award goes to Amelia Short :thumbsup:


Congratulations to the winners and a huge thank you to all the junior members who have attended training sessions and represented Tyne Bridge Harriers throughout 2017. You’ve all been a credit to the club.


Dave Moir

Dec 11

2017 Cross Country Championships

North Eastern Counties Cross Country Championships

Redcar Race Course

Saturday, 9th December 2017


Well done to the three junior members who travelled down to this year’s North Eastern Cross Country Championships in Redcar.

Although it was a bitterly cold day, conditions underfoot were good to firm, with very little mud on the course.

Representing TBH in the U11 Boys race was Jake Moir, finishing the 1.6K course in 8.49.

Next up was Natasha Prescott in the U11 Girls race, finishing in a time of 9.11.

The final junior to run was Amber Maynard in the U13 Girls race who posted a time of 17.51.

Full results can be found here


Nov 18

2017-2018 Start Fitness North Eastern Harrier League

Race 3. Aykley Heads (Durham) – Saturday, 18th November 2017


Well done to all the TBH Juniors who competed in Saturday’s cross-country event at Aykley heads (Durham).

Conditions were far from ideal, with a bitterly cold wind blowing across the exposed countryside.


U11 Boys 
Joe Eggett 6:00 (38th)
Jake Moir 6:24 (55th)

Jake missed the start by 30 seconds


U11 Girls
Natasha Prescott 6:11 (35th)
Hannah Cherif 6:32 (51st)
Laura Whitman 7:16 (64th)
Olivia Clark 7:17 (65th)

Olivia just turned 9 years old last week and was probably the youngest girl in the race


U13 Girls
Lucy Walton 16:28 (17th)
Amelia Short 17:58 (real time 16:18) (52nd)
Anna Dorman 17:59 (real time 16:19) (54th)
Eve Tovey 18:56 (64th)
Amber Maynard 19:01 (66th)

Lucy was making her Harrier League debut :-)

The team of Walton, Short & Dorman finished in 11th place :-)


U15 Boys
Finlay Dorman 14:20 (15th)


U17 Boys
Jake Dorman 26:39 (6th)


Full race results can be found here


Well done everyone :thumbsup:

Oct 28

Sherman Cup/Davison Shield Cross Country

Sherman Cup/Davison Shield Cross Country

Temple Park, South Shields

Saturday, 28th October 2017


A huge well done to all the TBH Juniors who took part in today’s (Saturday) cross country event at Temple Park.

The sun may have been shining brightly, but a strong wind made for challenging running conditions, so :thumbsup: to following members.


U11 Girls
Natasha Prescott 5:24 (43rd)
Laura Whitman 6:09 (55th)

U11 Boys
Joe Eggett 4:59 (37th)
Jake Moir 5:02 (41st)
Scott Calland 5:24 (59th)

U13 Girls
Imogen Bungay 14:03 (18th)
Hope Moir 16:43 (65th)
Amber Maynard 16:46 (66th)

Full results can be found here.

Oct 16

Minors Cross Country 2017

Jarrow & Hebburn AC Minor Cross Country

Bedewell Park, Monkton

Saturday, 14th October 2017


Well done to all the TBH Junior members who took part in Saturday’s cross country event around Bedewell Park (Jarrow).


Year 5 Boys (1.25 Mile)

Joe Eggett (6m 16s)

Scott Calland (6m 22s)


Year 6 Girls (1.25 Mile)

Hannah Cherif (6m 17s)


Year 6 Boys (1.5 Mile)

Jake Moir (10m 12s)



Full results can be found here.

Oct 09

2017-2018 Start Fitness North Eastern Harrier League

Race 2. Druridge Bay – Sunday, 8th October 2017


Well done to all the TBH Juniors who competed in Sunday’s cross-country event at Druridge Bay country park.

It’s terrific to see the number of juniors competing in cross-country increasing at every fixture.

It’s said only the (slightly) mad enjoy cross-country running but it will make you a stronger runner.


U11 Girls

45 249 Hannah Cherif Tyne Bridge Harriers 7:17 S FU11
47 252 Natasha Prescott Tyne Bridge Harriers 7:20 S FU11
56 254 Sydney Bungey Tyne Bridge Harriers 7:37 S FU11
62 250 Katherine Bird Tyne Bridge Harriers 7:48 S FU11
75 251 Laura Whitman Tyne Bridge Harriers 8:27 S FU11


U11 Boys

26 255 Jake Moir Tyne Bridge Harriers 6:38 S MU11
31 258 William Adams Tyne Bridge Harriers 6:50 S MU11


U13 Girls

4 644 Anna Dorman Tyne Bridge Harriers 14:33 S FU13 14:33
31 647 Imogen Bungay Tyne Bridge Harriers 15:50 S FU13 15:50
42 648 Lauren Bird Tyne Bridge Harriers 16:11 S FU13 16:11
54 643 Amelia Short Tyne Bridge Harriers 16:44 F FU13 15:04
65 645 Eve Tovey Tyne Bridge Harriers 17:09 S FU13 17:09
70 642 Amber Maynard Tyne Bridge Harriers 18:06 S FU13 18:06
73 646 Hope Moir Tyne Bridge Harriers 18:39 S FU13 18:39

After her fantastic 4th place run on Sunday, Anna is promoted to the Fast Pack for the remainder of the season.

Amelia start’s her races from the Fast Pack.

The club finished in 7th place, closing two full teams.


U15 Boys

9 650 Finlay Dorman Tyne Bridge Harriers 13:02 S MU15 13:02

Following his Top 10 finish in the U15 Boys race, Finlay is now promoted to the Fast Pack.


Full race results can be found be here.


Details of the next cross country fixture will appear here soon.


Oct 01

2017-2018 Start Fitness North Eastern Harrier League

Race 1. Wrekenton – Saturday, 30th September 2017


A huge well done to all the TBH Juniors who ran in the first cross-country race of the season.

There was a good turn-out by the U11’s, with Katherine Bird, Natasha Prescott and Laura Whitman competing for the girls and Joe Eggett, Jake Moir and Scott Calland running in the boys race.

The U13’s Girls team of Amelia Short (9th), Amber Maynard and Hope Moir finished in 13th position and Finlay Dorman, our sole representative in the U15 Boy’s race, finished in a respectable 20th position.


A special mention about Natasha and amber who were both competing for the first time.


Full results can be found here.


The next fixture is on Sunday, 8th October, at Druridge Bay Country Park.

Sep 09

2017 Junior Great North Run

Well done to all the TBH Junior members who took part in Saturday’s Junior Great North Run. (Saturday, 9th September 2017)


18:03Amelia Short
18:09Michael Harland
19:05Keiron Wilkinson
20:00William Adams
20:16Hannah Meares
20:27Joseph Eggett
20:56James Walker
21:05Rubyrose Colver
21:10Scott Calland
21:22Hannah Cowan
21:35Hope Moir
21:43Eve Tovey
21:47Jake Moir
21:49Lauren Bellamy
22:41Natasha Walker
24:46Jack Cowan
Full results can be found here

Sep 05

TBH Juniors Summer Series: Race 5 Results

Well done to everyone who took part in the final race of the 2017 Summer Series.


After a day of near constant rain, we were blessed with fine weather for the race, and although the 1 mile route through Heaton Park was damp in places, it was pleasing to see all ten juniors return safely.


Congratulations to Scott (Callard) who finished first in the race :thumbsup:


Race 5 Results

race time
real time
jake (parker)9.118.11
anna (dorman)9.366.39


Big thanks to all the club members who helped out during the race. 

Sep 03

2017 Farringdon Relays

Saturday marked the start of the cross country season, with several juniors making the short journey to Farringdon (just outside of Sunderland).


Competing first for the juniors were Jake Moir and Joe Eggett in the U11 Boys race.

Next up was the U13 Girls race, with Hope Moir and Anna Dorman representing TBH.

Finlay Dorman was the sole TBH representative in the U15 Boys race, with Jake Dorman and Corey Fuller both competing in the U17 Boys race. Jake finishing in a commendable 4th place.


Well done to everyone who turned up :thumbsup:


Full results can be found here

Aug 08

TBH Juniors – Summer Holidays

TBH Juniors are currently on their summer holidays and sessions will resume in a few weeks time.


Keep checking the website for details of the first session back in the Autumn.



Aug 01

TBH Juniors Summer GP: Race 4 Results

There may have been a small turn-out for this evening’s 1 Mile time-trial through Jesmond Dene, but what there was was quality.

First over the finishing line was Amelia Short in a fantastic time of 6:26 (yet to be confirmed but I think a new course record). Second was Anna Dorman in a terrific 6:37, with Natasha Prescott 3rd (7:44) and Laura Whitman finishing 4th with a time of 9:17.

Well done girls on a terrific set of times :thumbsup:

Jul 29

TBH Juniors Summer Grand Prix: Race 4

Hi Juniors,

The next Grand Prix race takes place on Tuesday, 1st August, and all juniors are welcome to take part.


Summer route.

Summer route.

The 1 mile course starts on Armstrong Bridge at the green marker (see map right), follows the footpath through Armstrong Park for approximately 800m before turning around at the half-way point (blue marker) and heading back to the start/finish line.













Juniors are requested to make their way to Armstrong Bridge for 6:15 – 6:20pm, with the race starting around 6:30pm.



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