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Winter Grand Prix 5k – Results from 8th Jan

Results for the TBH Winter Grand Prix: Race 4 are in! And your top 3 were: 1. Anne Grenfell 26:28, 2. Emily Knox 26:33, 3. Layla Osselton 26:45 The 3 fastest men on the night were 1. Tony Carter 16:41, 2. Kevin Jeffress 16:43, 3. David Beech 16:59 The 3 fastest women were 1. Lucy …

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TBH Goals 2013

At the beginning of this year. Tyne Bridge Harriers athletes set out their running goals for 2013 This table will monitor the progress and hopefully see each and every one achieved by the end of the year. Keep checking back to see how everyone is doing. GOOD LUCK If you would like to add, amend …

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Donostiako Maratoia – Donostia/San Sebastian Marathon, 25th Nov

Continuing his challenge of doing marathons in cities with two names (Turku/Abo in Finland in June) November found Colin Dilks in southern Europe, and here’s his race report. I had entered the Donostia/San Sebastian Marathon because I wanted to go back and see more of the Basque Country (or Euskal Herria in Basque) – that …

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Winter Grand Prix 5k – Results from 4th Dec

Here are the results from last night’s Winter Series 5k, with a record number of entries. Well done everyone. (Apologies that this spreadsheet is not whizzy).   Position Name Time Handicap Position 1 Sparrow Morley 16:20:97 57 2 Tony Carter 16:23:02 58 3 Rob De Giovanni 16:34:06 64 4 Kevin Jeffress 16:41:41 50 5 Keith …

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Hexhamshire Hobble Race Report – Sunday 2nd Dec

Dave Beech gets all slippy and slidy for TBH as he reports from the hilly Hexhamshire Hobble On a very icy and cold Sunday morning, the TBH contingent met at the local school car park which was now a makeshift race HQ and registration building, located in the small remote village of Allendale. Registration was …

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Norman Woodcock Memorial 5mile Race — 24th November

Simon Kristiansen smiles his way through another report on a fantastic day for TBH. A bright cold afternoon at Gosforth Race Course saw the running of this year’s Norman Woodcock Memorial race, well organised by the Elswick Harriers. A two degree temperature and icy puddles provided perfect conditions for the hardened northerner. TBH were once …

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Heaton Town Moor Memorial 10k Race Report (2) – 11th November 2012

Third time lucky then. When Dave Young, Sophie Marr and myself accidentally trotted over the start line at the end of our warm-up around the Town Moor before Sunday’s Memorial 10k, we thought we’d just blown our chances of a collectively run sub-41m effort. Luckily it happens all the time, we were told, and it’s …

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Amsterdam marathon – 21st October

Guy Rintoul reports from Amsterdam My preparation for Amsterdam had been lacklustre, to say the least. Unlike my first [and only other] marathon in Edinburgh in May, I didn’t do enough training for this one – only 55% of the miles, in fact. This was partly because I was running it alone this time and …

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Loch Ness Marathon, 30th Sept

“That’s the last one until 18 miles,” panted a runner just beside us as we crested the big hill at five miles into last Sunday’s Loch Ness marathon. Through the tree cover on our left broke a view of the loch itself a couple of hundred metres below, as calm as a TBH coaches meeting. …

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Book Review: Why We Run, by Robin Harvie

Why We Run: A Story of Obsession Robin Harvie John Murray, £8.99 We’re all a little obsessed. Some more than others, of course—a quick look around any running club will tell you that (naming no names!). For Robin Harvie, the obsession was running the

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Book Review: Eat and Run, Scott Jurek

Eat and Run: My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness Scott Jurek (with Steve Friedman) Bloomsbury, £12.99 If you’re ever in doubt what a book’s going to be like, turn straight to the index. A: Activate Isolate Stretching Technique; addiction to running; addicts, recovering as ultramarathoners; aid stations. H: hamstrings, Hardrock 100, heat. V: vegan diet; …

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