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A long time ago…Lambton

This week’s blast from the past had a happy ending in more ways than one   Lambton Challenge 10K Sunday, 29th June 2014 Report by Michael Nemeth   The pre-race left me feeling slightly out of my comfort zone. I was stood alone seeing a lot of clubs surrounded by their team mates. Seeing them …

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A long time ago…Newburn

Just when you thought it was safe to start browsing the club website again, up pops another ‘vintage’ race report to remind you how quickly the years are passing by. This corker of a race report dates back to 2012   Newburn River Run Wednesday 20th June 2012 Race Report by David Appleby   Six …

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TBH Virtual 5K Handicap Race

For the latest virtual challenge, TBH members took part in a 5K Handicap run. But rather than handicap times being applied to individual athletes, they were applied to the training groups instead.  So rather than running for personal glory, members were running for the honour of their regular training group.  And the victorious group were…(and …

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The Virtual Blaydon Race 2020

We runners are a hardy bunch, and nothing comes between us and a local road race – not even a pandemic. Last week saw the staging of the Virtual Blaydon Race, and TBH had another terrific turn-out in the event. Well done to everyone who represented the club Full results can be found here

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Bridges of the Tyne Virtual 5 Mile Road Race 2020

Tyne Bridge Harriers are hosting a virtual event of their popular 5 Mile Road Race in place of the race that was scheduled for 7th July but had to be cancelled due to the covid-19 pandemic. (note: this is an independent event, and entries for the original 5 Mile Road race have been deferred to …

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A long time ago…Blaydon (Pt II)

T’was the ninth of Joon. Which can only mean one thing…another Blaydon race report. This one dates back to 2011 and is courtesy of former member Elsbeth Lawson. NEHL Blaydon Cross Country Saturday 26th November 2011 Report by Elsbeth Lawson I got up on Saturday morning pleased to see that it was neither raining or as …

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A long time ago…Blaydon

For our next old race report, we go back to the 2012 Blaydon races. The event was memorable for a number of reasons, most notably the club debut of Steve Cairns.   Blaydon Races Saturday June 9th 2012 Report by Steve Cairns   View from the front: Well just behind it actually: Kenny had been …

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TBH Virtual Relay Race: St James to South Hylton

For the latest virtual club challenge, teams had to race over a distance of 55km, the equivalent of running from St James metro station to South Hylton metro station (via the coast).  Members were arranged into teams of 11 runners, with each runner having to run a 5km leg. And to make the event more …

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An ode to Tyne Bridge Harriers

For many of us, the coronavirus lockdown has meant we’ve had a lot of spare time on our hands. And while some have used it to sunbathe, binge watch TV box-sets and treat it as a mini-holiday (okay, just me – DD), other members have been using the time in more productive ways. Reflecting her …

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A long time ago…Liverpool

Our second terrific June race report comes the 2016 Liverpool Marathon, where Georgia Wilding went PB hunting.   Rock and Roll Liverpool Marathon Sunday 29 May 2016 Report by Georgia Wilding   Started the Sunday morning in the youth hostel kitchen with a whole host of other runners and took the short walk to the …

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A long time ago…Bamburgh

And so we roll into June, and there’s some terrific race reports coming up from past events in that month. The first report we’re revisiting is Tom Charlton’s write-up from the Bamburgh 10K (2015). Take it away Tom.   Bamburgh 10K Sunday, 14th June 2015 Report by Tom Charlton   After having nursed a cold …

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TBH Running Challenges

This week, besides the regular training sessions, members have also been given a range of challenges to complete. Some are running based, some are strength orientated and the rest are purely for fun (in other words, to make the members look foolish). A collection of photographs taking during the challenges can be viewed below.  

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A long time ago…Edinburgh, PT III

Another report from the Edinburgh Marathon – this time from 2012 – and one that brings back so many happy memories. Read on.    Edinburgh Marathon Sunday, 27th May 2012 Report by Sean Kelly   Third Time Lucky! All week I have been checking the weather forecast for Edinburgh. In  2010 it was incredibly hot (25°) and …

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A long time ago…Edinburgh (again)

Looking through all the old race reports from the Edinburgh Marathon Festival, I really was spoilt for choice in terms of what to re-publish on the website – there really are so many great reports to choose from. So I’m taking the easy option and showing a different one every day over this Bank Holiday …

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A long time ago…Edinburgh

This weekend should have seen the running of the Edinburgh Marathon Festival, a joyous two days consisting of a whole host of races around the streets of Edinburgh and surrounding area. Sadly, due to the covid-19 pandemic currently affecting the country, the festival has been delayed until September, but to raise our spirits, we have …

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TBH Virtual 12 Hour Relay Race (Result)

The latest TBH Virtual challenge involved two teams running over 12 consecutive hours.  Broken down into 24 x 30 minute slots, team members took turns to run as far as they could before ‘handing’ over to their team-mate.  The first team to compete was Team George, and they managed a combined distance of 86.625 miles …

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A long time ago…Kielder

As it’s Claire Wynarczyk‘s birthday today (19th May), it’s fitting that we recall one of her favourite race reports. Happy Birthday Claire   Kielder Half Marathon Kielder National Park, Northumberland Sunday 7th October 2018 Report by Claire Wynarczyk   The art of a positive mind.   What a difference a year makes! Casting my mind …

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A long time ago…Jungfrau

However dark things may seem, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel, and when we exit the tunnel, we’ll once again be able to savour everything this great planet has to offer. And you could do a lot worse than taking part in this race.   A magnificent race report of the JUNGFRAU MARATHON by …

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