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Tyne Bridge HarriersFormed in January 2011, Tyne Bridge Harriers are a North East Running Club based at East End Pool in Byker. We are affiliated to the Governing body for athletics in the United Kingdom, UK Athletics and meet on Tuesday and Thursday nights for training sessions from 18:00, with an aim to start running by 18:30. The club also hosts a Beginners session on a Wednesday evening (East End Pool, 18:30 – 19:30) and a session for Under-16’s, which takes place at Newcastle High School for Girls (Jesmond) between 18:00 – 19:00 on Wednesday evenings.

The club has both male and female runners and welcome all abilities. New runners are always welcome. We currently have 5 different training groups; from fast paced runners to slower runners / beginners & those returning from injury. Whatever your ability, you will be welcomed and our experienced Coaches and Trainers will always look after you.

You can always come along to give it a try, in fact we recommend that you do this for several sessions before you make any decisions to join. Training sessions are free to try out so you have nothing to lose.

If you have any questions about joining Tyne Bridge Harriers or you would like further information, please contact us

Tyne Bridge Harriers 2019/20 Committee

      • Chairwoman : Vicki Deritis
      • Treasurer : John Hurse
      • Secretary : Ian Pickett
      • Membership Secretary : Kevin Cheetham
      • Men’s Club Captain : Alasdair Blain
      • Women’s Club Captain : Becky Parkin
      • Senior Coach : David Daniels
      • Junior Co-ordinator : Morag Kerry 
      • Serving Members : Micky Baker, David Daniels, Adam Jones, Dave Moir & John Tollitt

denotes that this club member is qualified from the Run England Leadership In Running Fitness Coaching Course in association with The Tony Blair Sports Foundation.

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Non-committee roles:

  • Team Manager : Paul Hilton
  • Welfare Officers : John Tollitt & Morag Kerry
  • Appeals Committee : To be appointed as required
  • Mental Health Ambassadors : Margi Eccles & Danny Fletcher



Club Chairwoman: Vicki Deritis

Membership Secretary: Kevin Cheetham











Club Secretary: Ian Pickett

Senior Club Coach: Dave Anderson

Committee Member: Dave Anderson











Men's Club Captain: Alasdair Blain

Men’s Club Captain: Alasdair Blain

Women’s Club Captain: Becky Parkin











Treasurer: John Hurse

Treasurer: John Hurse

Junior Co-ordinator: Morag Kerry











Committee Member: Micky Baker

Senior Coach: David Daniels











Committee Member: Adam Jones

Committee Member: David Moir











Committee Member: John Tollitt

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Club Code Of Conduct

1) Code of Conduct for Tyne Bridge Harriers As a responsible Athletics Club, Tyne Bridge Harriers will: • Adopt national welfare policies and procedures, adhere to the codes of conduct, and respond to any suspected breaches, in accordance with the welfare procedures as recommended by the National Governing Body. • Liaise appropriately with parents/persons with …

TBH Accident/Incident Form

Tyne Bridge Harriers is committed to providing an environment which is as safe as possible for its members. However, accidents and incidents do, unfortunately, happen and we encourage members to report all accidents and incidents for monitoring and, where appropriate, investigation, to ensure that procedures are in place to prevent, as far as possible, similar accidents and incidents occurring again. To report …

TBH World Map

Welcome to the Tyne Bridge Harriers World Map As well as being a successful running club, it is well documented that Tyne Bridge Harriers has a culturally diverse membership & to celebrate this, we have produced the TBH World Map which highlights the countries of the World where our membership (past & present) originate. Use …

Club Constitution

Updated: 4th April 2019 1. Name The club will be called Tyne Bridge Harriers. The club shall be affiliated to the National Governing Body (NGB) of the sport – England Athletics, and will accept and abide by the rules and codes of practice of that body. 2. Aims and objectives The aims and objectives of …

Tyne Bridge Harriers Club Structure

TBH Coaching Structure (click on link)                         TBH Captaincy Structure (click on link)

Data Protection

Tyne Bridge Harriers Privacy Statement and Policy Tyne Bridge Harriers is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. The Club ensures that it processes personal information in compliance with all relevant data protection legislation including the Data Protection Act 1998 and, after 25th May 2018, the General Data Protection Legislation. This Policy explains when and …