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In 2021, the third national lockdown ended and athletic competition resumed. These competitions took the form of track events, cross country relays and road races. If you’re a member of TBH and you have a result you’d like posted on the club website, and if you know where to send it, maybe they can help put your name up on screen.

[and if you need to ask where to send your result, then you really haven’t been paying attention all these years]. 


Croft Pitstop 5K: Wednesday 21st April 2021

Carl Smith 0:15.00

Mark Toward 0:17.04

Full results can be found here


Croft Pitstop 10K: Wednesday 21st April 2021

Chris Stockdale 0:36.27 

Full results can be found here 


Jarrow Track & Field Meet: Wednesday 28th April 2021

Paul O’Mara (1500m) 00:04.34.48 (MV35 Club Record)


Endeavour 10K: Sunday 25th April 2021

Tim Kelso 00:34.48

Mark Toward 00:35.05 (PB)

Chris West 00:35.36 (PB)

Chris Stockdale 00:35.53 (PB)

Full results can be found here


Washington Trail 10K: Sunday 25th April 2021

Sylvia Eggo 01:12.20

James Prescott 01:09.16

Michelle Nemeth 01:24.54

Michael Nemeth 01:24.54

John Grimshaw 01:09.11

Victoria Douglass 01:08.35

Full results can be found here

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