TBH Sessions : April 2021


We are pleased to confirm that club training sessions are taking place again, although for the immediate future groups will be limited in size until the club is happy that sessions can be carried out in a safe and enjoyable manner.


This month’s training sessions – to be carried out in accordance with the latest government guidelines – can be viewed below,

(terms; GRP – Goal Race Pace, 10MP – 10 Mile Race Pace, HMP – Half Marathon Pace, MP – Marathon Pace)


w/c 5th April

Group Session: Long Hills (example 4 x 3 minutes efforts)

Solo Session: 10 min MP, 10 mins HMP, 10 mins 10MP, 10 mins 10K pace

Track Session: 4 x 1200m reps


w/c 12th April

Group Session: 3 sets (1, 2, 3 minutes) @ 5K pace

Solo Session: 5 mins 5K pace, 5 mins 10K pace, 20 mins HMP, 5 mins 10K pace, 5 mins 5K pace

Track Session: 12 x 400m


w/c 19th April

Group Session: 7 x 3 minutes @ 5K pace

Solo Session: 35 minutes 10MP, 5 minutes 10K pace

Track Session: 200m, 400m, 600m, 800m, 1000m, 1000m, 800m, 600m, 400m, 200m


w/c 26th April

Group Session: 5 x 1 min, 3 x 2 mins, 1 x 3 mins, 1 mile

Solo Session: 10 mins HMP, 20 mins 10K pace, 10 mins HMP

Track Session: 5 x 800m


All sessions should include warm-up and cool-down runs.

Full session details and the opportunity to book onto a group session will be emailed to members every Sunday. (If you don’t receive the weekly club email, check your spam/junk folder).

People interested in trying out a TBH training session are welcome to contact the club.

Let’s keep fit, keep strong and most important of all, keep one another healthy.

TBH Committee

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