It’ll be all white on the night (or yellow, orange…)


With evenings now becoming darker from around 4:00pm, members and new runners to the club are requested to wear suitable clothing during training sessions. 

The essential item of clothing is the running top, as this is the largest bit of kit and can be seen the most effectively.  Whether it’s a t-shirt, jacket or bib, first and foremost it should be bright and reflective. 

Luminous yellow or orange and anything hi-viz are ideal colours to wear.


Other items to consider are hat and gloves. Not only are they ideal for keeping you warm, but in the right colour they can be an additional visibility tool during a run.


And finally, we have the training shoe. Once predominately beige or white, nowadays they’re available in a wide range of colours, so there really isn’t any excuse not to stand out. 


If anyone is a little short on hi-viz gear or it has just started to lose its glow don’t forget you can get long and short sleeved high vis training tops (and nice warm hoodies for after the session!) bedecked in our club logos from Kits4All, see the club website for more information.


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