Results round-up: July 2019

A round-up of results featuring Tyne Bridge Harriers (updated 16th July)

Please get in touch if your result is missing or you’ve achieved a Personal Best (PB) and would like it highlighted.

North East Masters T&F (Jarrow): Monday 15th July

100m14.0sJamie WilsonM35MV35 Club Record :thumbsup:
100m13.5sKevin SorlieM40MV40 Club Record :thumbsup:
Javelin29.39mJamie WilsonM35
Javelin26.54mKevin SorlieM40
3000m11m 30s 1Jamie WilsonM35
3000m11m 38s 3Kevin SorlieM40
Full results can be found here

Red Kite Trail: Sunday 14th July

00:55:51Paul O'Mara3rd place :good:
01:01:06Ben Rea
01:02:46Sophie Marr2nd Lady :good:
01:11:54Ria Chaston3rd Lady :good:
01:27:14Sarah Rushbrooke
Full results can be found here

Hexham Half Marathon (Green): Sunday 14th July

01:51:57Paul Colver3rd MV40 :good:
02:11:32James Prescott
02:26:57Maria Prendergast
Full results can be found here

Hexham 10K: Sunday 14th July

00:41:12Joanne Lee1st Lady :thumbsup:
00:47:37Caroline Williams3rd Lady :good:
00:49:38Andy Chiu
00:49:49Janet Robinson
Full results can be found here

Sunderland 5K: Thursday 11th July

Senior Men's Race  
00:15:44Sparrow Morley
00:16:28Connor BraithwaitePB :thumbsup:
00:16:45Jevan Robertson
00:17:21Christopher Huitson
00:19:00Christopher West
00:19:00David Hartis
00:20:49Jamie Wilson
00:22:58David Cornish
00:24:19Simon Kirkley
Full results can be found here
Veteran Men's Race
00:17:14Keith Smith2nd MV55 :good:
00:17:55David Moir3rd MV50 :good:
00:18:17Richard Tailford
Full results can be found here
Ladies Race
00:19:23Rachel AdamsonPB :thumbsup:
00:19:23Kathryn Stevenson1st FV45 :thumbsup:
00:19:36Sophie Marr
00:20:00Rachel Gill2nd FV35 & PB :thumbsup:
00:20:06Joanne Lee2nd FV45 :good:
00:22:17Yamuna ThiruFV50 Club Record :thumbsup:
00:25:11Min Na Eii
00:33:12Claire Wynarczyk
Full results can be found here

Run Northumberland Stamfordham 10K: Wednesday 10th July

00:39:42Tom Crossley1st MV40 :good:
00:49:51Alan Macaulay3rd MV60 :good:
01:04:46Jen Patterson4th FV50 :good:
01:05:07Jill Anderson4th FV45 :good:
Full results can be found here

Bottoms Up Cup (Washington): Sunday 7th July

0:21:57Lucy Turzynski2nd Lady :good:
0:34:46Maggie Davison
Full results can be found here

Great North 10K: Sunday 7th July

Finish TimeNameOther
00:33:44Sparrow Morley2nd :good:
00:35:16Connor BraithwaitePB :thumbsup:
00:35:50Mark TowardPB :thumbsup:
00:39:21Lee PattisonPB :thumbsup:
00:39:59Ian Jackman
00:40:56William HoughtonPB :thumbsup:
00:41:50Colin Rogerson
00:42:40Graeme Carr
00:42:41Ria ChastonPB :thumbsup:
00:42:50John Carr
00:42:53Jason Braithwaite
00:45:19Craig Morland
00:46:19Glen Logan
00:46:23Richard Taylor
00:47:06Caroline Williams
00:47:57Gemma FinnieCourse PB :thumbsup:
00:48:21Mark Oselton
00:48:23David KennedyPB :thumbsup:
00:51:00David Curran
00:51:18Alex Antonopoulos
00:51:43France Villeneuve
00:54:25James Prescott
00:54:57Sarah Pickett
00:58:24Vicky McClurey
00:58:27Lucy Miller
00:58:36Patrick Cummings
01:00:22Ian Windsor
01:01:54Elaine Henderson
01:06:41Roger Heath
01:07:21Kevin McClurey
01:11:40Faye Slade
Full results can be found here and here

Chevy Chase: Saturday 6th July

04:08:27Matt Walker
04:28:07Michael Bell(NFR)
04:41:59Cat EatonPB :thumbsup:
05:33:35Karen Richardson(Former member)
05:33:37Neil Richardson
Full results can be found here

South Shields Monthly Mile: Wednesday 3rd July

0:04:58Paul O'MaraSB :good:
0:06:25Nik Mohamed KamalPB :thumbsup:
Full results can be found here

Tynedale 10K: Wednesday 3rd July

00:33:26Sparrow Morley6th place
00:35:30Jevan Robertson
00:36:56Jon Moss
00:38:13Alastair Spanner3rd MV45 :good:
00:40:32Neil Eyes
00:41:40Joanne Lee1st FV45 :thumbsup:
00:41:49Ian Robson
00:43:57Jamie Wilson
00:45:10Laura Irving
00:45:15Chris Sumsion
00:46:32Chris Parkin
00:48:33Laura CarrickPB :thumbsup:
00:49:05Gemma FinniePB :thumbsup:
00:50:42Kerry Reed
00:51:08Patrick WallacePB :thumbsup:
00:55:37Zara Hough
Full results can be found here

Bridges of the Tyne 5M: Tuesday 2nd July 

00:25:58Tom Charlton4th place :good:
00:26:39Sparrow Morley8th place
00:26:41Michael Hedley9th place
00:27:39Jevan RobertsonPB :thumbsup:
00:28:11Connor BraithwaitePB :thumbsup:
00:28:33David WrightPB :thumbsup:
00:29:26Tom ElmerPB :thumbsup:
00:29:46David Moir2nd MV50 & MV50 Club Record :thumbsup:
00:30:07Richard TailfordPB & 2nd MV55 :thumbsup:
00:31:20Mark Lyon
00:31:43Pierre McCarthyPB :thumbsup:
00:31:58Kathryn StevensonPB, 1st FV45 & FV45 Club Record :thumbsup:
00:32:04Lee PattisonPB :thumbsup:
00:32:22Michael BellPB :thumbsup:
00:32:31Rachel AdamsonPB :thumbsup:
00:32:59Sophie Marr
00:32:57Kevin Sorlie
00:33:33Rory Tait
00:33:33Jamie Wilson
00:33:40Tim HawkinsPB :thumbsup:
00:33:43Colin RogersonPB :thumbsup:
00:33:50Rachel GillPB & 3rd FV35 :thumbsup:
00:33:55Graeme CarrPB :thumbsup:
00:33:58Alex Black
00:34:44Ria Chaston
00:35:27Marc MarshallPB :thumbsup:
00:35:58Tina HowePB :thumbsup:
00:36:10Yamuna Thiru2nd FV50 & FV50 Club Record :good:
00:36:15Shaune Lee RobertsPB :thumbsup:
00:36:18Andrew WraithPB :thumbsup:
00:36:33Tony BainesPB :thumbsup:
00:36:24Craig MorlandPB :thumbsup:
00:37:09Clara RiachPB :thumbsup:
00:37:33Mark OseltonPB :thumbsup:
00:37:37Steve Pattison2nd MV60 :good:
00:38:26Gemma FinniePB :thumbsup:
00:38:53Paul ColverPB :thumbsup:
00:41:55John Grimshaw
00:42:34Lucy Dunbar
00:42:28James PrescottPB :thumbsup:
00:43:10Rachel McCracken
00:45:27Michael HigginsPB, 2nd MV65 & MV65 Club Record :thumbsup:
00:45:17Laura HarkerPB :thumbsup:
00:47:58Vicky McClureyPB :thumbsup:
00:49:28Elaine HendersonPB :thumbsup:
Full results can be found here


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