2019 TBH parkrun Challenge

Here at TBH we are big fans of parkrun and parkrun tourism.  So, to encourage a bit of local tourism together with some added friendly competition at 9am on a Saturday morning, we are holding the 2019 TBH parkrun Challenge.

The Challenge will run from the 1st of January until the 31st December 2019. Members wishing to take part in the challenge need to register a run at 12 local parkrun events over the course of the year. There are no set dates for visiting any of the parkrun’s and members can visit them at their own convenience over the course of the year.

The 12 selected parkruns for the 2019 TBH parkrun Challenge are Blackhill (B), Cotsford Fields (CF), Druridge Bay (DB), Flatts Lane (FL), Gibside (G), Hackworth (H), Newbiggin By the Sea (NS), Prudhoe Riverside (PR), Riverside – Chester Le Street (R), Sedgefield (S), South Shields (SS) and Windy Nook (WN).

You can find a map of the events here.

Once a member has registered a run at all 12 parkrun’s then they should send an e-mail to Vicki Deritis advising of the dates the parkruns were completed. The age-related scores for the parkruns will then be added together and kept on record. As more members complete the Challenge a table of completists (together with their age related scores) will appear below. Members can visit each of the parkruns as many times as they like and any subsequent improvements to age related scores will be substituted.

The winner of the Challenge will be the person who, after the last Saturday of 2019, has the highest age related total. And, as parkrun only happens because people volunteer, in order to complete the challenge, you must have volunteered at parkrun at least once during 2019.

Happy parkrunning in 2019!


A basic results sheet which you fill in yourself can be found here.


Update 25th February

So far, 97 members have completed at least one of the 12 parkrun events in this year’s challenge.

Jamie Wilson11111117
Joanne Wood11111117
Hilary Rose1111116
John Tollitt1111116
Kevin Sorlie1111116
Vicki Deritis1111116
Ian Parker111115
Charles Hazlerigg11114
Jake Parker11114
Jonathan Foster11114
Julie Killick11114
Mark Toward11114
Paul Turnbull11114
Rachel Gill11114
Chris Bartlett1113
Lucy Turzynski1113
Matthew Pearson1113
Nick Howell1113
Paul O'Mara1113
Rob Wishart1113
Trudie Cheetham1113
Adrian Hall112
Alex Battersby112
Beate Muller112
Chris Parkin112
Chris Sumsion112
Claire Norman112
Claire Wynarczyk112
Danielle Hardy112
Davina Brain112
Elaine O'Mara112
Ellie Charles112
Gemma Finnie112
Gillian Parkin112
Graham King112
Joseph Eggett112
Kathryn Stevenson112
Kevin McClurey112
Maggie Davison112
Mairi Clancy112
Margaret Heyward112
Matt Walker112
Megan Fothergill112
Ria Chaston112
Sara James112
Vicky McClurey112
Adam Jones11
Adam Mitchell11
Alasdair Blain11
Alastair Spanner11
Andrew Quinn11
Cat Eaton11
Catherine Scott11
Cees van der Land11
Chris West11
Craig Davison11
Daniel Eccles11
David Cornish11
David Hartis11
Eoghan Quigley11
Faye Slade11
Fiona Todd11
Ian Walton11
Ian Windsor11
James Knox11
James Sibbald11
Jevan Robertson11
Joanne Lee11
Kevin Cheetham11
Lee Gifford11
Leo Davey11
Margaret Eccles11
Matt Poole11
Michael Hedley11
Morag Kerry11
Neil Thompson11
Nick Pearson11
Nicola Thornborough11
Nik Mohamed Kamal11
Pat Wallace11
Philip Scott11
Rachael Estrop11
Rachael Spanner11
Rachel Attley11
Rebecca Parkin11
Richard Tailford11
Simon Kirkley11
Shaun Cowan11
Shaun Roberts11
Stephanie Knox11
Steve Attley11
Sue Regan11
Tom Elmer11
Tony Baines11
Zara Bungay11
Little D11


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    • Claire Wynarczyk on 18th January 2019 at 21:30
    • Reply

    Love this

    After each parkrun we do does the result automatically get filled in on here

    1. all depends how bored I am at work, and if I have time.

    • Beate Muller on 26th January 2019 at 16:26
    • Reply

    I’m intrigued by this challenge (though not keen on travelling to those parkruns that are further afield, it has to be said…). Quick query: the website says we need to have volunteered at least once at parkrun in 2019 to be eligible. Does that have to be at one of the 12 ‘competition’ parkruns or can it be at any parkrun, please? Thanks!

  1. Hi Beate, thanks for getting in touch.
    Volunteering at any parkrun event will do.
    And the challenge organisors hope members will be able to car share for the parkrun events ‘outside’ the area.
    Or get up really early to use public transport.

    • Beate Muller on 1st February 2019 at 18:37
    • Reply

    Thanks, David! Will get organized… 😃. Though cos.of the ice and snow, tomorrow might look like a non-starter. But there are lots of Saturdays left in 2019! 😃

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