Results round-up: November 2018

A round-up of results featuring Tyne Bridge Harriers (updated 18th November 2018).

Please send Adam Jones an email if your event or result is missing, or you ran a Personal Best during an event.


Brampton to Carlisle 10M: Sunday 18th November 2018

00:55:47Sparrow Morley
00:55:58Simon Kristiansen
00:57:34Tim Kelso3rd MV40 & PB :thumbsup:
00:57:42Ian Pickett
00:57:46Graeme KafkaPB :thumbsup:
00:57:54Jevan RobertsonPB :thumbsup:
00:58:03Paul O'MaraPB :thumbsup:
00:58:24Mark TowardPB :thumbsup:
00:58:44Chris StockdalePB :thumbsup:
01:00:13Paul Hilton1st MV50 :thumbsup:
01:01:25Peter KullarPB :thumbsup:
01:01:54Dave HartisPB :thumbsup:
01:03:04Chris WestPB :thumbsup:
01:03:34Alasdair Blain
01:03:36Sophie Marr6th Lady, Senior Lady Club Record
& PB :thumbsup:
01:05:16Philip Scott
01:06:13Andy ChiuPB :thumbsup:
01:07:22Steve AttleyPB :thumbsup:
01:07:24Louise Lennox3rd FV45, FV45 Club Record & PB :thumbsup:
01:07:28John Hurse
01:08:21Colin RogersonPB :thumbsup:
01:08:37Joanne Lee
01:10:49Kenny Chambers
01:14:04Yamuna ThiruFV50 Club Record :thumbsup:
01:14:18Rachael Perowne
01:14:33Neil ThompsonPB :thumbsup:
01:15:22Dawn Cranston
01:17:32Susan Murphy
01:19:21Stuart Dickson
01:19:53Patrick Wallace
01:20:15Chris Parkin
01:21:24Kerry Reed
01:23:37Paul McMorrow
01:23:49Gemma Finnie
01:26:13Joanne Wood
01:35:37Matthew Pearson
01:40:58Roger Heath
02:01:11Rachel McMillan
Full results can be found here

TBH won the Veteran Men’s team and came 2nd in the Senior Men’s team :good:


British & Irish Masters Cross Country International (Swansea): Saturday 17th November 2018

All Women24.11Kathryn Stevenson10th W45 & member of Gold medal team (W45) :thumbsup:
Men 50-6427.07Steve Cairns2nd overall (1st NIR) & member of Silver medal team (M50) :good:
Full results can be found here


Run Durham Hamsterley Forest 5 Mile: Sunday 11th November 2018

00:43:21Gemma Lynch2nd FV35 :good:
00:47:58Matt Pearson
Full results can be found here


Heaton Harriers Memorial 10K: Sunday 11th November 2018

Time (5K split)NameOther
32:21 (16:08)James Dunce6th place :good:
33:34 (16:41)Sparrow Morley
34:28 (17:20)Simon Kristiansen
34:49 (17:34)Kevin RichardsonPB :thumbsup:
36:45 (18:15)Paul Hilton2nd MV50 :good:
36:50 (18:51)David Wright
36:50 (18:16)Dave HartisPB :thumbsup:
39:08 (19:31)Sophie Marr4th Lady & PB :thumbsup:
39:11 (19:38)Mairi Clancy8th Lady & PB :thumbsup:
39:11 (19:38)Jevan Robertson
40:03 (19:39)Andy Chiu
40:04 ( )Kathryn Stevenson2nd FV45 :good:
40:11 (20:17)DD
41:06 (20:16)Rachel Adamson
41:08 (20:39)Steve AttleyPB :thumbsup:
41:08 (20:39)Louise Lennox3rd FV45 & PB :thumbsup:
42:20 (21:18)Graeme Carr
43:39 (21:27)Rachel Gill
44:54 (22:41)Heather Dorman
45:23 (22:41)Rachael EstropPb :thumbsup:
45:27 (22:40)Yamuna Thiru2nd FV50 :good:
46:54 (23:02)Paul HarrisPB :thumbsup:
46:23 (23:04)David Curran
47:57 (24:01)Nicola Brady
47:49 (23:46)Craig MacDougallPB :thumbsup:
48:51 (24:07)David Cornish
50:08 (25:26)Javier Garcia
52:34 (26:03)Rachel Attley
53:07 (26:30)Christine Stobbs
56:28 (27:42)Alex Battersby
56:29 (27:42)Laura Pentland
56:48 (28:05)Julie KillickPB :thumbsup:
58:10 (28:38)Katherine Wilson
60:33 (29:28)Sandy Anderson
60:33 (29:28)Jessica Anderson
63:33 (30:39)Faye Slade
69:17 (34:17)Claire WynarczykPB :thumbsup:
78:34 (38:39)Kay Black
Full results can be found here

TBH won both team prizes :good:


Outlaws Wooler Trail Half Marathon: Saturday 10th November 2018

2:02:19DD7th place :good:
2:26:06Cat Eaton6th Senior Lady :good:
Full results can be found here


South Shields Monthly Mile: Wednesday 7th November 2018

04:44Sparrow Morley1st place :good:
05:03Jevan Robertson
05:10Pierre McCarthy
Full results can be found here


Guy Fawkes 10M: Sunday 4th November 2018

01:48:13Roger Heath
Full results can be found here


Gibside Fruit Bowl: Sunday 4th November 2018

00:45:43Paul O'Mara5th place
00:51:28John Hurse
01:01:05Heather Dorman
01:07:17Claire Norman
01:09:13Katie Gallagher
01:15:48Fiona Todd
01:39:38Harriet Ransome
01:40:20Lesley Ransome
Full results can be found here


Derwentwater 10M: Sunday 4th November 2018

01:31:24Alex Battersby
Full results can be found here


Northern Jumble 20M (Slaithwaite, Nth Yorks): Sunday 4th November 2018

02:52:23James Knox4th place
03:39:06Stephanie Knox
Full results can be found here


Leeds Abbey Dash: Sunday 4th November 2018

0:34:48Keith Smith1st MV55 & MV55 Club Record :thumbsup:
0:34:51Jevan RobertsonPB :thumbsup:
0:35:15Tim Kelso
0:35:55Alastair Spanner
0:41:53Rachel Adamson
0:48:03David Curran
Full results can be found here


Sunderland Urban Ultra: Saturday 3rd November 2018

9h 30mMichael Nemeth21st= :good:
9h 30mDave Rowe21st= :good:
Full results can be found here


English National Cross Country Relays (Mansfield): Saturday 3rd November 2018

Total TimeLeg 1 (time)Leg 2 (time)Leg 3 (time)Leg 4 (time)Other
01:06:12Finn Brodie (16:20)James Dunce (16:19)Tom Charlton (16:57)Ryan Holt (16:34)32nd place :good:
01:14:47Matt Walker (18:54)David Moir (18:52)Alasdair Blain (18:53)Tom Elmer (18:06)79th place :good:
Full results can be found here


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