Results Round-up: June 2018

A round-up of results featuring Tyne Bridge Harriers (updated 20th June 2018)

Please get in touch if a race result is missing or you’ve ran a Personal Best or Age Club Record in an event.


Seven Hills of Edinburgh: Sunday 17th June 2018

01:55:36John HurseCourse PB :good:
02:17:04John Tollitt
02:17:17Matt Walker
04:12:50Jessica Anderson
04:12:55Sandy Anderson
Full results can be found here

(many thanks to John Hurse for driving myself, John, Vicki and Matt to Edinburgh and back – DD) 


British Masters 5K Road Championships (Horwich): Sunday 17th June 2018

0:16:31Steve Cairns1st MV50 :thumbsup:
0:19:25Kathryn Stevenson2nd FV45 :good:
Full results can be found here


Pieces of 8 Half Marathon (Penshaw): Sunday 17th June 2018

01:43:47Jason Clark
02:01:13Cat Eaton6th Lady :good:
02:02:50Laura Irving7th Lady :good:
02:04:11Rachel Gill9th Lady :good:
02:23:00Rachael Estrop
02:31:54Keelie Garrard
02:33:34Victoria Douglass
02:39:16Sarah Rushbrooke
02:43:13Craig MacDougall
Full results can be found here


Gibside Marathon: Saturday 16th June 2018

Full results can be found here


Alwinton Three Tops Fell Race (24Km): Saturday 16th June 2018

02:37:50Michael BellRunning for NFR
Full results can be found here


Mozart Ultra 61km (Salzburg): Saturday 16th June 2018

09:55:01Neal Richardson
Full results can be found here


Rat Race – The Wall (Carlisle to Newcastle): Saturday 16th June 2018

14:42:14Shaun CowanCourse PB :good:
15:57:56John GrimshawJohn was running for the charity Alzheimer's Research,
and his fundraising page can be found here
16:22:10David Rowe
Results can be found here


Durham Coastal Trail Half Marathon: Sunday 10th June 2018

01:40:03Alan Urwin
01:51:35Rob Wishart
02:15:53Adam Jones
02:37:28Matt Pearson
Full results can be found here


Newburn River Run (6 Miles): Wednesday 13th June 2018

00:30:30Tom CharltonRace Winner :thumbsup:
00:34:56Paul O'Mara8th place :good:
00:36:44Jon Moss
00:37:23Keith Smith2nd MV55 :good:
00:39:00Adrian Hall
00:39:33Kathryn Stevenson2nd Lady :good:
00:39:55Craig Davison
00:40:21Simon Pryde
00:42:21Ria Chaston
00:42:22Laura Irving
00:42:40David Young
00:45:08David Curran
00:46:17Stuart Dickson
00:48:54David Cornish
00:51:49Shaun Cowan
00:51:50David Rowe
00:52:06Louise Harrison
00:54:26Laney Fitzpatrick
01:18:07Catherine Scott
01:18:08Adam Jones
Full results can be found here

Kathryn, Ria and Laura won the Ladies team prize :good:


Keswick Mountain Festival: Sunday 10th June 2018

01:22:5810Km TrailSarah Pickett
02:23:1425Km TrailIan Pickett
03:01:3725Km TrailRachael Perowne
Full results can be found here


Everyone Active 10K (Redcar): Sunday 10th June 2018

00:36:36Alastair Spanner
Full results can be found here


100M (one hundred miles) Ultra Trail Serra da Estrela (Portugal): Saturday 9th June 2018

22:27:32Cees Van Der Land2nd overall :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Full results can be found here

Course map

Course profile


Isle of Skye Half Marathon: Saturday 9th June 2018

01:31:46Mairi Clancy4th Lady & PB :thumbsup:
Full results can be found here


Blaydon Races: Saturday 9th June 2018

28:07:00Carl Smith10th overall :good:
28:49:00Marc Fenwick
28:53:00Terry Scott
31:28:00Tim Kelso
31:36:00Paul Turnbull
32:02:00John Hurse
32:35:00Justin Januszewski
33:14:00David Hartis
33:51:00George Stainsby
34:09:00Magda Grinsdale8th Lady :good:
34:36:00Alex Black
34:38:00Jake Dorman
35:00:00Philip Scott
35:07:00Alasdair Blain
35:12:00Andy Harrison
35:26:00John Gartland
35:36:00Simon Kristiansen
35:37:00Jamie Wilson
35:43:00Michael Bell
35:50:00Ian Jackman
35:52:00Richard Tailford
36:02:00Kevin Sorlie
36:06:00Jon Moss
36:13:00Christopher West
36:14:00Rachel Adamson
36:25:00Andy Chiu
36:33:00Nick Howell
36:44:00Louise Lennox
36:51:00Kenny Chambers
37:01:00Sophie Marr
37:13:00Matt Smith
37:32:00Lucy Turzynski
38:13:00Laura Irving
38:37:00Ria Chaston
38:58:00Megan Parkin
39:02:00David Young
39:03:00Rob Wishart
39:11:00Stephen Hargreaves
39:26:00Steve Attley
39:34:00Matthew Walker
39:34:00Alan Lodge
39:34:00Rachel Gill
39:35:00Neil Thompson
39:43:00Christopher Bartlett
39:45:00Adrian Hall
39:48:00Heather Dorman
40:00:00Nicholas Walton
41:23:00Tony Baines
41:34:00Paul Harris
41:34:00Colin Dilks
41:43:00James Knox
42:24:00Rebecca Parkin
42:28:00Lyndsey Thompson
42:29:00Rory Tait
42:49:00Ellie Charles
43:10:00Rachael Estrop
43:19:00Michael Nemeth
43:19:00Deborah Morrison
43:21:00Adam Mitchell
43:24:00Yvonne Storey
43:31:00Lysanne Jurriansen
43:39:00Philip Foster
43:46:00Karen Walker
43:49:00Adam Jones
44:03:00Stuart Dickson
44:03:00Simon Kirkley
44:10:00James Sibbald
44:19:00Emily Vasey
44:26:00Gill Parkin
45:30:00Nik Mohamed Kamal
45:39:00Chris Parkin
45:56:00Sarah Rushbrooke
45:58:00Helen Leck
46:07:00Gemma Lynch
46:14:00Nicola Brady
46:14:00Martin Samuels
46:35:00Alex Antonopoulos
46:35:00Jules Pearson
46:41:00Georgia Wilding
46:45:00Danny Fletcher
46:55:00Joanne Wood
46:58:00Andrew Farquharson
47:13:00Louise Harrison
47:14:00Rachel Attley
47:41:00Karen Ord
47:56:00David Rowe
47:57:00Marie Costello
48:23:00Charly Blackburn
48:28:00Emma Colbourne
49:13:00Laura Carrick
49:17:00Craig Macdougall
50:03:00Garry Douglass
50:11:00David Kennedy
50:19:00Imogen Barr
50:19:00Minna Eii
50:23:00James Prescott
50:44:00Victoria Douglass
50:48:00Judith Bell
50:50:00Louise Gibson
50:57:00Matthew Pearson
51:03:00Parul Akter
51:19:00Lindsey Letts
51:26:00Laney Fitzpatrick
51:59:00Michael Higgins
52:20:00Morag Kerry
52:27:00Margaret Eccles
52:31:00Hilary Rose
52:38:00Faye Slade
52:52:00Jonathan Foster
52:52:00Stephanie Knox
53:04:00Ashleigh Foster
53:45:00Katherine Wilson
54:46:00Margaret Heyward
55:12:00David Frost
55:17:00Roger Heath
55:36:00Emily Mavin
55:43:00Amanda Tunmore
56:21:00Maria Prendergast
57:07:00Dawn Parker
57:35:00Iain Dalby
58:50:00Elaine O'mara
01:00:07Kevin McClurey
01:00:22Stephanie Davidson
01:00:44Clare Renwick
01:01:27Debbie Wardle
01:01:37Sue Regan
01:02:25Michelle Nemeth
01:02:46Ian Windsor
01:03:34Jill Anderson
01:03:34Jen Patterson
01:03:56Scott Wilkinson
01:06:48Michelle Blogg
01:07:24Claire Wynarczyk
01:12:11Kay Black
Full results can be found here


East Lothian Summer Series: Wedneday 6th June 2018

00:22:38Steve Pattison1st MV60 :good:
Full results can be found here


Dalton Park 5M: Wednesday 6th June 2018

0:32:48Louise Rodgers2nd Female & 1st FV40 :thumbsup:
Full results can be found here

Congratulations Louise, it’s fantastic to see you running again :good:


South Shields Monthly Mile: Wednesday 6th June 2018

5:07Jevan Robertson
5:49Simon Pryde
5:53Kathryn StevensonFV45 Club Record & FV45 Course Record :thumbsup:
Full results can be found here


NEMAA T&F (match 2) Jarrow: Monday 4th June 2018

EventAge Cat.NameTime/DistOther
100mM35Dave Hartis0:15.1
100mM50Paul Harris0:15.1
800mW45Lisa Walker3:50.7
800mM35Dave Hartis2:36.3
800mM35Jamie Wilson2:40.2
800mM40Kev Sorlie2:34.1
800mM50Paul Harris2:59.3
1500mW45Lisa Walker7:24.2
1500mM35Dave Hartis5:06.6
1500mM35Jamie Wilson5:19.0
1500mM40Kev Sorlie5:05.3
1500mM50Paul Harris6:12.6
DiscusW35Louise Kelly12.43m
DiscusM35Jamie Wilson18.24m
DiscusM40Kev Sorlie12.42m
ShotW35Louise Kelly4.74m
Full results can be found here


North England T&F Meet 2 (Whitley Bay): Sunday 3rd June 2018

100mM0:14.5Paul O'Mara
200mM0:30.0Paul O'Mara
200mM0:25.7Sparrow Morley
400mM1:05.4Paul O'Mara
400mM1:08.5Dave Hartis
800mM2:16.9Sparrow Morley
800mM2:22.4Paul O'MaraPB :thumbsup:
1500mM4:19.2Sparrow Morley
1500mM4:22.0Tony CarterPB :thumbsup:
3000mSCM11:52.6Dave Moir
5000mM16:27.4Tony Carter
5000mM18:20.8Dave Hartis
400mHM1:21.9Dave Moir
Hammer Time M11.28Dave Moir
Discus M23.34Neil Middleton
Discus M15.60Dave Moir
Javelin M26.59Neil Middleton
Shot Putt M7.39Neil Middleton
Shot Putt M4.93Dave Moir
100mW14.7Steph Isaac
100mW16.5Rachel McMillan
200mW31.4Steph Isaac
200mW38.4Laura Carrick
400mW1:29.9Laura Carrick
800mW2:42.6Louise Lennox
3000mW11:52.0Louise Lennox
Hammer W13.02Sara James
Hammer W8.08Rachel McMillan
Discus W14.13Rachel McMillan
Discus W11.50Sara James
Javelin W14.37Louise Lennox
Javelin W10.10Rachel McMillan
Shot W5.19Sara James
Shot W4.88Rachel McMillan
Full results can be found here


Bamburgh 10K: Sunday 3rd June 2018

0:40:32Andy Chiu
0:41:29Kathryn Stevenson1st Lady :thumbsup:
0:42:19Joanne Lee2nd Lady :good:
0:46:21Yamuna Thiru1st FV50 :good:
0:53:09Gemma Finnie
0:53:31Catherine Williams4th FV50
0:54:38Rachael Spanner
0:56:05Matthew Pearson
1:02:58Vicky McGreevy
1:06:07Kevin McClurey
1:14:08Claire Wynarczyk
1:20:09Helen Blades
1:25:00Debbie Wardle
Full results can be found here

Katy, Jo & Yam also won the Ladies team prize :good:


Coniston Trail Half Marathon: Sunday 3rd June 2018

1:54:15Cat Eaton
Full results can be found here


Derby Half Marathon: Sunday 3rd June 2018

1:49:05Alan Macaulay
Full results can be found here


Tri-Island Running ‘Triple Tidal Series’: 1st – 3rd June 2018

0:29:08Barrow Coastal 5KFriday, 1st June
0:27:57Barrow Dockside Dilemma 5KSaturday, 2nd June
0:30:08Barrow Sandy Gap Gallop 5KSunday, 3rd June
Full results can be found here

All three events were completed by Michael Higgins. 

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    Durham Coastal Half Marathon, first Tbh was Alan Urwin in 1:40.03✔️

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