Dec 10 2017

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2017 Tyne Bridge Harriers Awards

Tyne Bridge Harriers held their annual awards presentation on Saturday, 9th December at the Westholme Social Club.


Many thanks to Simon Pryde & Alex Lockwood (hosts for the evening) and congratulations to the winners.


Award Winners

TBH Winter Grand Prix (2016/2017): Rachel Attley

TBH Summer Grand Prix (2017): Craig MacDougall

TBH Harrier League GP (2016/2017) (Ladies): Alison Dargie

TBH Harrier League GP (2016/2017) (Men): Tom Charlton

TBH President’s Shield: David Young

TBH Track & Field Athlete: Stephanie Isaac

TBH Performance of the Year: Senior Men’s Team at National 12 Stage Relays

Rising Star: Philip Scott

Newcomer: Michael Hedley

Captain’s Choice (Male): Iain Dalby

Captain’s Choice (Female): Victoria Douglass

Club Champion (Male): Jame Dunce

Club Champion (Female): Alison Dargie

Veteran Athlete of the Year: Kathryn Stevenson

Senior Athlete of the Year: Finn Brodie

Member of the Year: Morag Kerry :thumbsup:


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  1. Claire Wynarczyk

    Well done everyone

  2. Victoria Douglass

    Sorry I couldn’t be there last night, but thank you so much for my award. It really does mean so much to be to be recognised by you guys.

  3. Ron Murray

    There is a lack of awards for vets given the number in the club. Surely we could have at least awards for age groups at the club championships and harrier league grand prix?

  4. Stu

    Well done to all the winners ;0),

  5. Iain

    Extremely surprised and grateful for my award – thank you!

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