Nov 11 2017

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TBH parkrun Challenge 2017


TBH parkrun Challenge 2017

As you know, here at TBH we are big fans of parkrun and parkrun tourism. It’s been great to see some of those red pins turning into black & white badges on the TBH parkrun map since it’s introduction in late 2016. It’s not always possible, though, to put in the miles necessary to change a red pin into a TBH badge and so, to encourage a bit of local tourism together with some added friendly competition at 9am on a Saturday morning, we are introducing the TBH parkrun Challenge.
The Challenge will run from the 1st of January until the 31st December 2017. Members wishing to take part in the Challenge need to register a run at each of 11 local parkrun’s over the course of the year. The 11 parkrun’s are Newcastle, Whitley Bay, Gateshead, South Shields, Rising Sun, Riverside (Chester-le-Street), Gibside, Blackhill, Prudhoe Riverside, Sunderland and Druridge Bay.
There are no set dates for visiting any of the parkrun’s and members can visit them at their own convenience over the course of the year.
Once a member has registered a run at all 11 parkrun’s then they should send an e-mail to Vicki Deritis advising of the dates the parkrun’s were completed. The age-related scores for the parkrun’s will then be added together and kept on record. As more members complete the Challenge a table of completists (together with their age related scores) will appear on the website. Members can visit each of the parkrun’s as many times as they like and any subsequent improvements to age related scores will be substituted.
The winner of the Challenge will be the person who, after the last Saturday of 2017, has the highest age related total. And, as parkrun only happens because people volunteer, the winner must also have volunteered at parkrun at least once during 2017.

Well done to Ian & Jake Parker for becoming the latest members to complete the challenge (with Jake being the first TBH Junior member to complete all events). 


Scoring Table (updated 11 November 2017)

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  1. kevin cheetham

    Excellent Idea Vicki & DD in respect of volunteering i will be as usual arranging two club volunteer days at Newcastle Park Run which will give most members the opportunity to fill their volunteer role either as a marshall or pacer as soon as i get the 1st date i will send details out

  2. Russell Dickinson-Deane

    Great idea! As Kev says, volunteering at Newcastle should be easy to accomplish – but since there are a limited number of spots per week, you may not all be able to do a slot during the designated takeovers, so remember you can volunteer any week by emailing newcastlehelpers@parkrun.com. For all other local parkruns, you can volunteer by clicking on the Volunteer tab for their website and follow the email link. Good luck!

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