Jun 10 2017

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TBH Member of the Month: May 2017

In a month full of remarkable results and performances, voting for May’s Member of the Month was as difficult as voting for a new governing party. But unlike the General Election, we have a clear winner.


And that winner is…


:yahoo: CLAIRE WYNARCZYK :yahoo:


Claire pushed herself to the limit in May, participating in three endurance races and also bagging a remarkable Personal Best (PB) in the process.

First up was the Sunderland 10K (1:17.23) on Sunday 7th, the following week Claire ran the Pier 2 Pier Multi-terrain race (1:37.41) and then, after a short break, Claire took on the challenge of the Great Manchester Half Marathon on Sunday 28th and knocked a huge 28 minutes off her PB time, finishing in a time of 2:56.53.

Claire joined TBH in 2016 (starting in the Beginner’s Group) but has demonstrated to be one of the most passionate & committed members in the club.


Many congratulations Claire :thumbsup:


A special mention to Sophie Marr, James Dunce & Victoria Harrison, all of whom earned credit for their performances in May.


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  1. Claire Wynarczyk

    Thank you so much and for the committee

    Without the club i wouldn’t have got this success and it just shows how much improvement can be made with the clubs support

    Little did I know 12 days after my half in Manchester I would then go on to take 7 minutes off my Blaydon time for the 2nd year in a row

    2015 1:21:40
    2016 1:14:38
    2017 1:06:16

  2. Victoria Harrison

    Thanks for the mention, well chuffed! :)

  3. Double D

    Congratulations Claire, you thoroughly deserve the MotM award.

    Keep up the training and your performances will continue to improve.

    1. Claire Wynarczyk

      Thanks so much David Daniels and everyone for their lovely messages the support really means a lot and yes the only way is up

  4. Ally and Rachael

    Well done Claire, great results

    1. Claire Wynarczyk

      Thanks you two :)

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