Apr 20 2017

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Results round-up: April 2017

Recent results featuring Tyne Bridge Harriers (updated 20th April 2017)

(Thanks to Garry Douglass for the new feature image – Darryl Davison & Sparrow at NT10K )


Glasgow to Edinburgh (55 miles): Saturday 1 April 2017

8:12:40Izzy Cairns2nd Female :good:
Full results can be found here


Prague Half Marathon: Saturday 1 April 2017

1:26:02Tom Crossley
Results can be found here


Cragside 10K: Saturday 1 April 2017

39:51George Stainsby2nd MV40 :good:
42:39Nick Howell
48:04Karen Walker
51:29David Kennedy
61:43Iona Howell
76:04Helen Blades
Full results can be found here


Manchester Marathon: Sunday 2 April 2017

2:55:06Tim BonhamPB :thumbsup:
3:13:37Alex LockwoodPB :thumbsup:
3:19:11Richard O'Sullivan
3:21:50Paul Hilton1st Marathon :good:
3:28:22Steve AttleyPB :thumbsup:
3:29:27Mairi ClancyPB :thumbsup:
3:31:34Sara Tomassini1st Marathon :good:
3:35:55Laura Irving1st Marathon :good:
3:44:38Shaun Cowan
3:54:47Nicola BradyPB :thumbsup:
4:16:36Ian Walton
4:17:28Georgia Wilding
4:23:36Julia DougalPB :thumbsup:
Full results can be found here


Baildon Boundary Way (Half Marathon): Sunday 2 April 2017

1:39:43John Tollitt
2:44:22Vicki Deritis
Full results can be found here


South Shields Monthly Mile: Wednesday 5 April 2017

5:48Iain DalbyPB :good:
5:51Lucy TurzynskiPB :good:
5:51Kathryn StevensonPB :good:
6:20Craig MacDougallPB :good:
6:33Chris ParkinPB :good:
Full results can be found here


Burnham Esplanade 5K: Thursday 6 April 2017

17:19Paul O'Mara1st :good:
Full results can be found here


Newbury Duathlon: Saturday 8 April 2017

2:22:14Kirk ConnorSplits
5K Run 28.28
25k Ride 1.17.30
5K Run 33.44
Full results can be found here


Yorkshire Half Marathon: Sunday 9 April 2017

1:29:15Pierre McCarthy
2:03:47Kay McKay
Full results can be found here


Paris Marathon: Sunday 9 April 2017

4:02:52Alan Urwin
Full results can be found here


Edinburgh Kilomathon (13.1K): Sunday 9 April 2017

60:15Steve Pattison2nd MV60 :good:
81:16Mary Pattison3rd FV60 :good:
Full results can be found here


Blyth Valley 10K: Sunday 9 April 2017

33:15Sparrow5th overall :good:
35:14Tim KelsoPB :thumbsup:
35:49Chris HuitsonPB :thumbsup:
36:21Keith Smith1st MV50 :good:
37:55Tom Crossley
37:58Alison Dargie1st FV40 :good:
38:40George StainsbyPB :thumbsup:
38:52David Appleby
39:17Jonathan JohnsonPB :thumbsup:
39:38Philip Scott
39:49Kevin Sorlie
40:17Rory Tait
41:02Kathryn Stevenson3rd FV40 & PB :thumbsup:
41:22Sophie Marr
41:41Craig DavisonPB :thumbsup:
41:55Lucy Turzynski
42:15Louise Lennox
42:17Rebecca Parkin
42:57Tom FraserPB :thumbsup:
43:01Chris Sumsion
43:22Graham King2nd MV60 & MV60 Club Record :good:
44:30David Young
45:07Michelle Moat
46:03Charlotte Carpenter
46:13Simon Kirkley
46:23Chris ParkinPB :thumbsup:
47:40Claire McElduff
47:23Dan Eccles
47:45Gill Parkin3rd FV50 & PB :thumbsup:
49:00Kerry Reed
49:44Keith GrahamMV65 Club Record :good:
49:45Andrew Sears
51:28Matthew PearsonPB :thumbsup:
51:57Richard Tailford
51:40Morag KerryPB :thumbsup:
54:59Henrik Aicher
56:13Dawn Parker
56:21Jill AndersonPB :thumbsup:
57:27Margaret Eccles
58:45Jen Patterson
63:36Debbie WardlePB :thumbsup:
65:22Ian Windsor
65:35Elaine O'Mara
65:36Kelly Phillipson
66:00Hannah Lambert
66:53Ruth Fleck
68:13Deborah Airey
Full results can be found here


Hartlepool Marina 5M: Sunday 9 April 2017

28:34Si Kristiansen2nd MV35 :good:
30:42Alastair Spanner
Full results can be found here


Salford 10K: Friday 14 April 2017

35:07Douglas TicknerPB :thumbsup:
Full results can be found here


North Tyneside 10K: Sunday 16 April 2017

NameCategoryCategory PositionChip TimeGun TimeOther
 David GreenSNR2/230 :good: 00:33:0800:33:09PB :thumbsup:
 Sparrow MorleySNR3/230 :good: 00:33:2600:33:27
Kenny MacphersonV452/138 :good: 00:36:0300:36:05
Christopher HuitsonSNR13/23000:36:4800:36:49
Paul O'maraSNR15/23000:36:5600:37:00
Will JohnsonSNR17/23000:36:5900:37:01PB :thumbsup:
Keith SmithV502/91 :good: 00:37:1000:37:12
Alison DargieV401/195 :good: 00:38:0900:38:13
Tom CrossleyV3514/18500:38:3400:38:39
David DicksonV3515/18500:39:0200:39:07
Paul RoutledgeV551/66 :good: 00:39:0700:39:09
David James DanielsV4013/16000:39:2500:39:29
Philip ScottSNR36/23000:39:3100:39:36
Jonathan LongriggV3518/18500:39:3500:39:40
John TollittV505/9100:39:4200:39:46
Alex LockwoodV4016/16000:39:5900:40:04
Rory TaitSNR42/23000:40:2700:40:40
Neal RichardsonV509/9100:41:0700:41:15PB :thumbsup:
Michael BellV5010/9100:41:2900:41:39
Mairi ClancySNR5/23400:42:5000:42:58PB :thumbsup:
Adrian HallSNR64/23000:43:2200:43:30
Steve AttleyV4521/13800:43:2100:43:40PB :thumbsup:
Michael McgrathSNR70/23000:43:2400:43:44
Lysanne JurriansenSNR7/23400:43:3600:43:44PB :thumbsup:
Graham KingV604/4000:43:4900:43:58
Rob KirtleyV5017/9100:44:3000:44:40
Shaun CowanV3547/18500:44:3600:44:48PB :thumbsup:
Kenny ChambersV5513/6600:44:4900:45:23
Chris CooleySNR87/23000:45:3100:45:43PB :thumbsup:
David YoungV5021/9100:45:3500:45:45
Helen JoynerSNR13/23400:45:5700:46:08
Charlotte CarpenterV453/151 :good: 00:45:5400:46:11
Simon KirkleyV4052/16000:45:5200:46:12PB :thumbsup:
Tom FraserSNR95/23000:46:0500:46:14
David RoweV4536/13800:46:4600:46:56
Neil ThompsonV4060/16000:46:5400:47:12PB :thumbsup:
Rachel GillSNR20/23400:47:4600:47:54
Karen WalkerV502/77 :good: 00:47:4700:48:00
Sarah ChadwickSNR23/23400:47:5700:48:21
Alan AlexanderV4076/16000:48:2800:48:46
Adrienne BishopSNR30/23400:49:3300:49:45PB :thumbsup:
Stephen HallV5037/9100:49:4400:50:07
Andrew SearsSNR141/23000:49:4100:50:11
Carole WattV552/34 :good: 00:50:0300:50:17
Helen RichardsonSNR38/23400:50:0400:50:38
Sarah RushbrookeV4510/15100:50:1600:50:43PB :thumbsup:
Lucy BrownSNR42/23400:49:5400:50:54PB :thumbsup:
Keelie GarrardV4027/19500:50:4700:51:05
Christine StobbsV4030/19500:50:4200:51:40
James PrescottV5047/9100:51:3000:51:49PB :thumbsup:
Matthew PearsonV35116/18500:51:4200:51:57
Keith GrahamV657/2800:52:2100:52:36
Victoria HarrisonSNR61/23400:53:0400:53:21PB :thumbsup:
Jayne RussellV4518/15100:52:5000:53:54PB :thumbsup:
Rachel AttleyV4050/19500:53:0000:53:57PB :thumbsup:
Louise GibsonV4051/19500:53:4100:53:59PB :thumbsup:
Alison BulmanV3544/20100:54:4400:55:01
Laura CarrickSNR73/23400:54:4400:55:08
Rachael SpannerV4535/15100:55:3200:55:51PB :thumbsup:
Helen PyeSNR79/23400:54:2300:56:00PB :thumbsup:
Joanne WoodV4069/19500:55:2700:56:39
Eoghan QuigleySNR182/23000:55:5400:56:46PB :thumbsup:
Dawn ParkerV4545/15100:56:0300:57:01
Tracey CockburnV4546/15100:56:1000:57:01
Hilary RoseV4547/15100:56:0100:57:13
Jill AndersonV4071/19500:56:2100:57:20PB :thumbsup:
Jen PattersonV5026/7700:56:2100:57:20PB :thumbsup:
Chris ScottSNR191/23000:57:0000:57:34PB :thumbsup:
Scott WilkinsonV40127/16000:57:1700:58:15
Christopher BrownV35161/18500:58:5700:59:10
Amanda TunmoreV5034/7700:58:1400:59:12
Faye SladeV3595/20100:59:0500:59:56
David FrostV6032/4001:00:0601:00:57
Roger HeathV45110/13801:00:2501:01:08
Ian WindsorV35169/18501:00:5901:01:58PB :thumbsup:
Debbie WardleV4582/15101:01:4901:03:12PB :thumbsup:
Kate MukunguV4586/15101:02:1601:03:42
Vicki DeritisV5052/7701:02:4901:04:12
John PyburnV45123/13801:04:0501:04:39PB :thumbsup:
Jamie LeeSNR216/23001:05:1601:06:15
Fiona MckennaV35148/20101:06:2201:07:02
Evelyn MaholamV45108/15101:05:4101:07:09
Alison HarrisSNR198/23401:09:1201:10:17
Claire WynarczykSNR216/23401:13:1001:14:15PB :thumbsup:
Helen BladesV35185/20101:14:0801:15:13


Helmsley 10K: Sunday 16 April 2017

34:26Tom Charlton1st :thumbsup:
Full results can be found here


Guiseley Gallop MT: Sunday 16 April 2017

54:14Eleanor Klejnow
Full results can be found here


Druridge Bay Half & Full Marathon: Sunday 16 April 2017

1:57:53Emma ColbourneHalf-Marathon
3:37:25Chris Sumsion1st MV50 in Marathon :good:
3:47.51Ian Parker1st MV55 in Marathon :good:
Full results can be found here


The Sixty Texel: Monday 17 April 2017

4:17:59Cees van der Land1st MV35 :good:
Full results can be found here


NE Grand Prix Meet 1 (Jarrow): Wednesday 19 April 2017

1500m4.03.6Sparrow MorleyClub Record :good:
10,000m NE Championships32.03.4Finn BrodieSilver Medal & Club Record :good:
Full results can be found here



Please get in touch if you would like a result posted or if you ran a Personal Best (PB) during an event.


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  1. Tom fraser

    I got a PB too 😁

  2. Matthew Pearson

    It was a PB for me.

  3. Claire Wynarczyk

    PB for me but results are gun time

    My chip time was 1:13:10

  4. Victoria Harrison

    PB for me at the NT10k, my gun time was 53:04 :)

  5. Louise Gibson

    PB for me at NT 10k, my chip time was 53:41. Thanks

  6. Victoria Harrison

    Of course I meant my chip time was 53:04, not gun time! :)

  7. mairi

    PB for me @ NT 10K, ta :)

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