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2014 Greater Manchester Marathon Race Report

After reading of member’s exploits in Sheffield, Blackpool, Paris and Brighton, we now have a race report from Sunny Manchester, courtesy of Bam Rashid. Greater Manchester Marathon: Sunday, 6th April 2014 Apologies for the late report but I have only just have the guts to write my 1st ever race report. Well the day finally …

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2014 Brighton Marathon Race Report

Brighton Marathon Race Report, Sunday 6th April 2014 By Christopher Bartlett The problem with weather forecasts is that they are never right. For once they were wrong in the right way on Sunday on the South Coast of England. The forecast had been for heavy rain and wind and all the talk at the marathon …

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2014 Paris Marathon Race Report

Two intrepid TBH’ers, Alex Battersby and Anna Brough, braved the Eurostar to Paris for the marathon.   Paris Marathon: Sunday, 6th April 2014   We bid au revoir to the English smog and said bonjour to the land of snails, wine and can can girls! (Sorry Davy Anderson – a distinct lack of kiss me quick hats!). …

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2014 Blackpool Marathon race report

Pip Nichol reports from the Blackpool Marathon, where thankfully there was some water for the runners (even if it was in the form of rain!!)   Blackpool marathon: Sunday, 6th April 2014 The day before the marathon was a bit strange. I’ve been so busy recently that I couldn’t really remember training for it. I …

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Sheffield Half Marathon – 6th April 2014 – Race Report

Spectators hand out water at the Sheffield half-marathon.

Andrew McFetrich was one of those disappointed athletes who took part in yesterdays Sheffield Half Marathon (or should we call it ‘Watergate’? ). Despite a last minute decision by organisers to cancel the race due to a problem with the delivery of water, Andrew joined the throng of 5,000 ‘Rebel Runners’ to complete the course

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parkrun round-up: 5th April 2014

This is a list of members of members who participated at a parkrun event on Saturday, 5th April 2014. The first runner home for each gender is included in bold, regardless of club, for reference purposes.   Leeds parkrun A total of 366 runners took part. View full results for Leeds parkrun event #342 Position   Gender Position   parkrunner   …

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2014 Blyth 10k Race Report

With possibly the quickest ever turn-around from race finish to race report Edwin Wong recall’s this morning’s Blyth Valley 10K Road Race (Sunday, 6th April, 2014).   Blyth Valley 10k race report For me, entering the Blyth 10k was at short notice, making a snap decision following a few ‘encouraging’ messages between myself, Keith Rooney and Nick …

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Training Sessions w/c 7th April 2014

This week’s training sessions are;   Tuesday 8th Group 1: 5 x 800m + 5 hills Group 2: 5 x 800m + 5 hills Group 3: 5 x 3 minutes + 5 hills Group 4: 5 x 3 minutes + 5 hills Group 5: 25 minutes Tempo Surge   Wednesday 9th Beginners session. 6:30pm at …

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Results round-up: 5th & 6th April 2014

A round-up of races featuring Tyne Bridge members.   Sport In Action 10M: 5th April 2014 Five members took the short trip across the country to take part in the Sport In Action 10 mile road race (formerly the Longtown 10M) with John Tollitt (3rd M50) and Sophie Marr (2nd Female) among the prize winners. …

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2014 National 12-Stage Road Relays Championships

ERRA National 12 Stage Road Relays – Sutton Park, Birmingham, Saturday 5th April 2014   Huge congratulations to the Tyne Bridge men’s team who finished in a tremendous 33rd position (out of 55) in today’s National Championships.   To qualify for this prestigious event is an achievement in itself, but to compete against the very best clubs in …

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Member of the Month: March 2014

Although the introduction of Member of the Month award was a great idea by the committee, trying to select just the ONE winner from a plethora of nominees doesn’t half create a headache for the voting panel. Worthy of a mention from the March candidates are Tony Carter (a 10k PB in the Seville 10k …

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2014 Summer Grand Prix: Race 1 results

It may have been April 1st but the 106 finishers certainly weren’t in the mood for joking after tackling the 1st race of this year’s Summer Grand Prix. A pan flat run through Jesmond Dene was severely interrupted by a steep incline leading to the 1 mile marker and then, just as the runners thought the race was …

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