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Winter Grand Prix Series: Race 5 (updated)

The next race of the Tyne Bridge Harriers Winter Grand Prix Series takes place on Tuesday, 5th February, and I’m happy to announce all volunteering posts have now been filled. Many thanks to all those who have volunteered.   With two races of the series remaining, Sara Sedgley holds a slender lead from Scott Wilkinson and …

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Northern Cross Country Championships: 26th January 2013

A very special well done to the 7 Tyne Bridge members who travelled to Knowsley Park, Liverpool, on Saturday to take part in this year’s Northern Cross Country Championships. The recent poor weather meant the decision to hold the race wasn’t actually confirmed until the early hours of Saturday morning, which no doubt contributed to …

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parkrun roundup: 26th January 2013

Well done to all the members who competed at a parkrun event this weekend. Due to the poor weather and several other races over the weekend, numbers were down compared to other weekends, but that still didn’t distract from a couple of good performances from several Tyne Bridge members. At Whitley Bay parkrun, Mark (Jacko) …

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Training Sessions w/c 28th January 2013

This week’s training sessions are;   Tuesday 29th January Group 1: 3(8x30s) Group 2: 3(7x30s) Group 3: 3(6x30s) Group 4: 5 x 4 minutes Group 5: 1-3-5-3-1 minutes     Thursday 31st January Group 1: 2 x 3 Miles Group 2: 2 x 3 Miles Group 3: 2 x 15 minutes Group 4: Hills Group …

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Saturday Session: 26th January 2013

Due to race commitments this weekend, there will be no track session on Saturday. However, senior club coach, Davy Anderson, will be putting on a session along Tynemouth Longsands. The session begins at 11:00am, starting next to the Grand Hotel, and is open to all members (Groups 1 – 5). Please get in touch in …

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Training session: 24th January 2013

The club will be on this evening, Thursday, 24th January, however, planned training sessions may be altered to suit conditions around Byker and Newcastle. Meet usual time 6:00-6:30 at Byker Pool and Library.   Members are advised not to take any unnecessary risks if travelling to the club.    

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parkrun round-up: 19th January 2013

A heavy overnight snow fall made for difficult running conditions around Newcastle Town Moor on Saturday, but that didn’t deter 161 hardy runners from turning up and making the best of the situation. In fact, with chances of running a PB all but buried in the snow, the spirit amongst the competitors was remarkably high, …

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Training Sessions w/c 21st January 2013

This week’s training sessions* are;   Tuesday 22nd Group 1: Hills Group 2: Hills Group 3: Hills Group 4: 1-2-4-6-4-2-1 minutes Group 5: Progression Run; 5 mins @ 80%, 5 mins @ 85%, 5 mins @ 90%, 5 mins @ 80%   Thursday 24th Group 1: 5 x 1 Mile Group 2: 5 x 1 …

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Happy 2nd Birthday Tyne Bridge Harriers

  We are TWO years old !! Yes, unbelievably as it sounds given how much the club has already achieved, Tyne Bridge Harriers celebrates it’s 2nd Birthday this week. And like any other two year old, the club continues to develop and grow in stature (not to mention causing a little mischief now and then …

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Newcastle parkrunner of the month

          Many congratulations to club member, Sara Sedgley, on being awarded Newcastle parkrunner of the month. Sara’s outstanding performances during December made her the outstanding candidate, and her award is a free pair of running shoes from Sweatshop. Well done Sara, choose your trainers carefully

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parkrun roundup: 12th January 2013

On the eve of it’s 3rd Anniversary, Newcastle parkrun continues to go from strength to strength, with Saturday witnessing another record attendance. In spite of the wintry conditions, 449 athletes completed the 5k run, including 21 Tyne Bridge members (22 if you count Louis who volunteered as a ‘pacer’ but didn’t want to be classed …

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Dare 2b Spine Race: 12-19th January 2013

On behalf of everyone at Tyne Bridge Harriers, our very best wishes to David Beech who is currently competing in the Dare 2b Spine Race. The Spine is described as Britain’s most brutal race, being the longest, coldest and most demanding mountain marathon in Britain. 268 miles of ice, snow, cold and savage winds. And to make …

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Training Sessions w/c 14th January 2013

This week’s training sessions are;   Tuesday 15th January Gp 1: 1 Mile Tempo Pace, 2 sets (5 x 400m), 1 Mile TP Gp 2: 1 Mile TP, 5 x 400m, 4 x 400m, 1 Mile TP Gp 3: 5 Minutes TP, 2 sets (4 x 80s), 5 Minutes TP Gp 4: 2 sets (1 …

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Track Session 12th January 2013

There will be no ‘coached’ track session this weekend due to the Durham Cathedral Relay’s taking place on Sunday. However, a couple of members are still planning to do a session of their own and other members are welcome to join in. The session will begin at 11:00 am at Churchill Playing Fields (NE26 3NS). …

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Northern Athletics Cross Country Championships 2013

            The Northern Athletics Cross Country Championships 2013 will take place on Saturday, 26th January at Knowsley Park, Liverpool and Tyne Bridge Harriers will be sending teams down to compete in this event. The first SIX in the Senior Men’s race and first FOUR in all other races will be a club’s scoring counters. The race schedule …

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Winter Grand Prix 5k – Results from 8th Jan

Results for the TBH Winter Grand Prix: Race 4 are in! And your top 3 were: 1. Anne Grenfell 26:28, 2. Emily Knox 26:33, 3. Layla Osselton 26:45 The 3 fastest men on the night were 1. Tony Carter 16:41, 2. Kevin Jeffress 16:43, 3. David Beech 16:59 The 3 fastest women were 1. Lucy …

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Old Monks Race: January 6th 2013

Congratulations to club member David Beech on his 5th place finish in this year’s Old Monks Race. Thankfully the recent fair weather meant the 5.5 Miles multi-terrain race could go ahead and the host club, Hartlepool Burn Road Harriers, were rewarded with 186 competitors finishing the race. David, who is busy preparing for his forthcoming …

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parkrun roundup: 5th January 2013

Judging by Newcastle parkrun’s record attendance at the weekend, it appears quite a few people have made running on a Saturday morning their New Year’s resolution for 2013, so I wish them all the best for seeing it through the entire year. Tyne Bridge had 21 members taking part at Newcastle (out of 403 runners), …

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